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Thread: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

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    Default UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    Well anyway, thanks for getting this far in this thread, and I would also like to thank in advance no matter what.

    Anyway, as the title says, I'm not experienced with modding and all the huzzas it involves, or computers for that matter. But I wanted to install Mundus Magnus(hope I got it right), and to be truthful, I have no idea about what I should do.

    Does anyone mind running me through lamens-style with what I'm supposed to do?

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    You want to have fun with modding, or with mods already made for R:TW?

    Sadly, I cannot help you with Mundus Magnus, since I don´t know anything about it. But if you have no Mods installed at all, and you think that Rome could be a bit better, I recommend you to install the "SPQR-Mod". It changes several things. Visit for more.

    You weren´t totally clear about what you want, so post it up, there are many people that might help you with what you want.

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    Default Re: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    The fun part was more of a joke, like those newspaper personal ads that go like "23 year old man/woman looking for mate and a fun time.", you know, just something I thought was the time.

    Anyway, the reason I want help with Mundus is because for some reason, after the first few games, I lost interest in Rome: Total War. I don't know, it just didn't hook me like MTW did(which I'm gonna replace this weekend). Anyway, Mundus might just make things interesting, so if anyone could help me install it. Or tell me about a RTW mod that is bigger, and involves more stuff, please shoot it to me.

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    Default Re: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    Installing Mundus Magnus is actually quite straightforward.

    1) Download the latest version ( version 2.0 )

    Now...the readme says you need to extract all the stuff from the PAK files to use the new symbols. I don't know if that is essential...but there is a file in the tutorial section that tells you step by step how to do this. Follow that...then

    2) Inside the basic Mundus Magnus zipfile, you will find another zipfile called 'install'

    3) Unzip the 'install' zipfile into your RTW 'Data' folder, making sure you have the option checked to 'use folder names'. It will ask if you want to over-write some files, and you should say 'YES' to this.

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    Default Re: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    Alright, thanks for all the help guys, and I finally managed to:

    Install the xpak thingie.
    Ran it
    Deleted the .pak files
    Installed the MOD

    Except now when I try to run it, at first the game would open up but when it got to the first screen(The one with the Phalanx getting shot at), the game just stops and it closes...Is there a way I can fix this?

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    Default Re: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    ouh . . . it CTD-ed that's bad, something is wrong with what you have done . . . but i suggest you download RTR 5.0 or wait for RTR 6.0 (comming out in what? a week?) or EB if you want the game to be "totally" changed. MM just makes a bigger map (and some other minor things).

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    Default Re: UBER Newbie seeking help and a fun time.

    Ah...I can guess what probably happened ;)

    Assuming you have patched to 1.2....

    The standard 'batch' file for Xpak doesn't include the patch1.2 pak. This means you have some key files missing when you deleted ALL the PAk files.

    To test this....retrieve the patch pak file from the re-cycle bin ( hoping you haven't emptied it... ) and see if your game will run now.

    If you open up the batch file ( .bat file type ) in Notepad, you can see the files the thing was extracting. Yuo can make a new batch file to do the patch pak file, and then you can safely delete it.

    Drop me a pm if you are stuck doing this
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