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Thread: How to change the chance of rebels appearing?

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    Default How to change the chance of rebels appearing?

    I was wondering what file must I mod if I want to completely turn off or signficantly decrease the chance of rebels or brigands from appearing in any of the provinces throughout the game?

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    Default Re: How to change the chance of rebels appearing?

    I actually enjoy rebels appearing, for various reasons. But if you want to reduce the chances, I always find that watchtowers seem to do the trick. I usually have a useless family member running around building them in provinces where I dont want rebels.

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    Default Re: How to change the chance of rebels appearing?

    I am aware that you can do that (and it somewhat works, sometimes), but I also know there is a way to MOD the game by modding a specific file so that you can tone down the chance of rebels appearing. It is the name of that file that I am looking for, so I would appreciate anyone who knows what that file is could answer me. That was the question that I asked.

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    Default Re: How to change the chance of rebels appearing?

    From my understanding of it, you cannot change the likelihood of rebels by modding the descr_rebel_factions file but you can change the type of army you come up against by moddinf the rebel file.

    If you change the description to only read 'peasants' - guess what - you only ever meet rebel peasant armies: great for earning your family members those command pips !!
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