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Thread: Ave Caesar!

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    Default Ave Caesar!

    Hey fellow monasterians. I've been looking through my roman history and found a tiny difficulty. It is hard to find a place where all the Roman emperors are mentioned chronologically.

    So this shall be the place.

    I do not know many of them myself so I'll let you, most learned scholars to post them.

    I propose starting with Gaius Julius Caesar, but I do not know the exact dates of his birth, death and ascension to power, which is something I would like to have for every emperor.

    Also, when it comes to that, please state if you are referring to the Eastern or Western part of the empire.

    Good posting!
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    Here is the chronology

    Dates Name
    31-14 Augustus
    14-37 Tiberius
    37-41 Gaius (Caligula)
    41-54 Claudius
    54-68 Nero
    68 C. Iulius Vindex

    68 L. Clodius Macer

    68-69 Galba
    C. Nymphidius Sabinus

    69 Otho
    69 Vitellius
    69-79 Vespasian
    79-81 Titus
    81-96 Domitian
    89 L. Antonius Saturninus

    96-98 Nerva
    98-117 Trajan
    117-138 Hadrian
    138-161 Antoninus Pius
    161-180 Marcus Aurelius
    175 Avidius Cassius

    161-166 L. Verus
    180-192 Commodus
    192-193 Pertinax
    193 Didius Julianus
    193-211 Septimius Severus
    193-194 Pescennius Niger

    193-197 Clodius Albinus

    211-217 Antoninus (Caracalla)
    211 Geta
    217-218 Macrinus
    218 Diadumenianus
    218-22 Elagabalus


    Gellius Maximus


    222-235 Severus Alexander
    225-227 L. Seius Sallustius


    235-238 Maximinus Thrax


    238 Gordian I
    Gordian II

    Pupienus (Maximus)


    238-244 Gordian III
    240 Sabinianus

    244-249 Philip the Arab
    248 Pacatianus

    248 Iotapianus



    247-249 Philip Iunior
    249-251 Decius
    250 T. Julius Priscus

    250 Iulius Valens Licinianus

    251 Herennius Etruscus

    251 Hostilian

    251-253 Trebonianus Gallus

    253 Uranius Antoninus

    253 Aemilius Aemilianus
    253-260 Valerian

    253-268 Gallienus
    260 Ingenuus

    260 Regalianus

    260-261 Macrianus Senior

    260-261 Macrianus Iunior

    260-261 Quietus

    261 Piso

    261 Valens

    261 Ballista

    261 Mussius Aemilianus

    262 Memor

    262, 268 Aureolus



    268-270 Claudius II Gothicus

    270 Quintillus

    270-275 Aurelian
    271-272 Domitianus

    271-272 Urbanus

    271-272 Septimius

    273 Firmus

    270-271? Felicissimus

    272 Vaballathus

    260-274 Gallic Emperors
    260-269 Postumus

    269 Laelianus

    269 Marius

    269-270 Victorinus

    271-274 Tetricus I

    273?-274 Tetricus II

    274 Faustinus

    275-276 Tacitus
    276 Florianus
    276-282 Probus
    280 Bonosus

    280-281 Proculus

    281 Saturninus

    282-283 Carus
    283-284 Numerianus
    283-285 Carinus
    284-305 Diocletian
    297(296?) L. Domitius Domitianus

    297-298? Aurelius Achilleus

    303? Eugenius

    285-ca.310 Maximianus Herculius
    285 or 286Amandus

    285 or 286Aelianus

    ca. 286-293 Iulianus

    286?-297? British Emperors
    286/7-293 Carausius

    293-296/7 Allectus

    293-306 Constantius I Chlorus
    293-311 Galerius
    305-313 Maximinus Daia
    305-307 Severus II
    306-312 Maxentius
    308-309 L. Domitius Alexander

    308-324 Licinius

    324 Martinianus

    306-337 Constantine I
    333/334 Calocaerus

    337-340 Constantine II
    337-350 Constans I
    337-361 Constantius II
    350-353 Magnentius

    350 Nepotian


    355 Silvanus

    361-363 Julian
    363-364 Jovian
    364-375 Valentinian I
    372?-374 or 375Firmus

    364-378 Valens
    365-366 Procopius

    366 Marcellus

    367-383 Gratian
    375-392 Valentinian II
    378-395 Theodosius I the Great
    383-388 Magnus Maximus

    384-388 Flavius Victor

    392-394 Eugenius

    393-423 Honorius
    406-407 Marcus

    407 Gratian

    407-411 Constantine III

    409/10-411 Constans II

    409-411 Maximus

    409-410, 414-415 Priscus Attalus

    411-413 Jovinus

    412-413 Sebastianus

    421 Constantius III

    423-425 Johannes

    425-455 Valentinian III
    455 Petronius Maximus
    455-456 Avitus
    457-461 Majorian
    461-465 Libius Severus
    467-472 Anthemius
    468 Arvandus

    470 Romanus

    472 Olybrius
    473-474 Glycerius
    474-475 Julius Nepos
    475-476 Romulus Augustulus

    Update coming soon.....
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    For information on the chronology of the Roman Emperors, I would recommend Chronicle of the Roman Emperors:The Reign-by-reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome by Chris Scarre. Click here for the listing of it.

    The book deals with all the Roman emperors from Augustus to Romulus Augustulus, and gives enough detail on each one to give you a basic knowledge about each of their lives without flooding you with information.

    There is also Chronicle of the Roman Republic: The Rulers of Ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus by Philip Matyszak, which talks about the most important people in the Roman Republic (and also deals with the early kings). See here for more.
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!

    oh, cool, thanks.
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    Smile Re: Ave Caesar!

    Many of the "emperors" mentioned above were only usurpers and never were recognized by the Senate or the people , only by their legion , so you have to list them separately
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    Default Re: Ave Caesar!


    Iulius Caesar was never Emperor-the first was Octavian.

    The whole story is very interesting however; I'd be more than willing to direct you to some resources if you wish to study the fall of the Republic and the start of the Empire.
    Be sure to check out Homer Reborn: Where the Classics are Reborn.


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