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Thread: Some Modding Questions

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    Default Some Modding Questions

    Sorry if these are newbie questions, but I am quite new to modding:

    1. How do you change units speed?
    2. How do you make units available as mercenaries in certain regions?

    This is more of a problem than a question, but I made Amazon Chariots available to Greeks in custom battle but when the battle starts the game crashes sometimes. Do you have any idea why this is?
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    Default Re: Some Modding Questions

    1. You have to edit the animation. I've never done it myself so hopefully someone else can help you there.

    2. Go to Data/world/maps/campaign/my_campaign/descr_mercenaries.txt
    where my_campaign is the name of the campaign you want to edit. imperial_campaign for the standard campaign.

    Here, mercenaries are organised by pool. Each pool usually covers several regions.
    For example

    pool Britain
    	regions	Britannia_Inferior Tribus_Silurii Britannia_Superior Hibernia			
    	unit merc barbarian infantry,			exp 0 cost 800 replenish 0.06 - 0.19 max 2 initial 1
    The pool named 'Britain' covers the regions Britannia_Inferior, Tribus_Silurii, Britannia_Superior and Hibernia. In this pool, you can recruit merc barbarian infantry as mercenaries. They come with 0 experience and cost 800 denarii.

    replenish 0.06 - 0.19
    controls how quickly they appear. There can only be 2 units at once, and there is one available at the start of the game. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Some Modding Questions

    The short answer to speeding up the units movement is :

    Each unit animation for walking, running etc. takes a certain amount of time. Say, for arguments sake, it has 20 frames of animation ( I think this is usual for RTW ) and covers a certain amount of ground in the animations movement.

    If you reduced teh number of frames it took to cover the same amount of ground, you can make the unit move a bit faster. It will reach the end of it's animation cycle a bit sooner. This is quite a time consuming thing to do though, and may also result in jerkier movement if overdone.
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    Default Re: Some Modding Questions

    Or you can just use Vercingetorix's AnimEditor. It can scale the speed of movement. But I heard it's buggy in the way it messed up the horse's animation. But infantry seems ok so far for me. I made a copy of fs_2handed skeleton to run as fast as fs_fast_swordsman.

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    Default Re: Some Modding Questions

    The old Animation Editor has been superceeded by Xidx. I think the speed thing may be in that as well. The scaling function certainly is.
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