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Thread: Okay, well I\'ve been at it again

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    Well, I had a bit of an inspiration last night, so here's what I've been fooling with for some new stats-- the most fundamental change was upping defense by seven and dropping morale by 10 across the board (with appropriate compensations in charge values). With the low morale, army cohesion and coordination becomes of utmost importance. No more willy-nilly quick-clicking units around. You might soon find out that that was just the wrong time to turn that flank, mess up that nice straight line, send your daimyo off unsupported. You will be forced to cater much more to your mens' instinct for self-preservation, and be held to realistic restrictions on command and control.

    And, of course, the higher defense means that melee will take a significant bit longer, so no more wild 5-second meatgrinders.

    I actually have been getting a great deal of amusement at watching the AI take lone regiments of YA (which I have relented and now think of as a green peasant levy, with YS being the trained Ashigaru), and send them speeding at me, and have them rout like heck halfway across nomansland. Actually, it gets sort of old after a while, as I don't believe the AI is ever going to figure out that it will need to form nice neat little lines and go about things in an organized manner if it isn't going to get raped.

    It's also amusing to see the AI units flee in panic when the AI forms some disordered fluff of a reaction to my wild across-the-bridge charges.

    I'm still not able to get the units to be pushed around and back and forth in melee like I'd like them to, but actually I'm coming to be rather satisfied with what I've gotten to work so far. With these stats I'm playing with, it would appear that there are a whole wild bag of possibilities of things that could happen INSTEAD of a real melee (if you're incompetent and don't keep your army together and in order), and when melee does occur, it is much more lengthy and satisfying.

    Anyway, there are a good many other aspects I've been playing with, but I'll save those for another report.


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    just as a hoot, try multiplying the 3 major stats by 10 in all troops. it's kinda interesting also. exaggeration sometimes points out flaws in relationships.


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    lol - I've tried that Krae...

    and something else I am trying to fiddle around with at the moment too is different troop sizes (based around 120 unit size and alterd stats to regain balance)

    Also I much prefer it when the Ashigru are the SLOWEST unit on the battlefield...(command and control for green units) also drop right down their wheeling capabilities - this makes them completely unwieldy, absoloutly huge and damn cool to watch die
    muskets are now almost useless in accuracy but make up for it with doubled numbers...all peasents are now damn skaky and the elite samurai units (30 men and below) will fight almost to the death...the nice thing about these stats is that it creats a balanced army that is very ashigru heavy (so it isn't simply overwhealmed) but that contains small elite units that really determine the fights outcome while the muskets slaughter the peasent levies in the back-ground...

    YA - 120
    ARQ - 110
    MUS - 100
    YS - 70
    SA - 60
    CA - 50
    YC - 40
    WM - 30
    ND - 30
    HC - 30
    Ken - 15 (Elite ND)
    BN - 10 (Deadly vs Samurai, useless against Ashi)
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    Intriguing work, everybody. I always knew I should check the Editing forum more often.

    Khan, if you want to try those stats out against a person, I'm game.

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    "If your soul is imperfect, living will be difficult." -- Ryo Hayabusa, DOA2

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