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Thread: Race issues in Galway

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    Default Race issues in Galway

    Well once again it has come to this ....
    That time of year again in the City of the Tribes , , So what am I to do ?
    Facing a real dilemma at the moment , today after working till 11am I now have the prospect of free beer for the rest of the day and night with the crowd from work , but I also have a surprise 60th birthday party with free beer this evening , such difficult choices .
    But the real serious dilemma I have to face is , as most work is shut down throughout the town for the next two weeks(apart from a few jobs I will fit in on a couple of mornings) what shall I do ?
    Should I drink and gamble ? or gamble and drink ?

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    Default Re: Race issues in Galway

    Bastard! For those of us who actually have to go & toil & labor for the next two weeks, your gleeful pursuit of drunkenness & debauchery is quite offensive. I wanna go...

    Just kiddin around. Have a blast. Try to sober up enough to peek in every now & then.
    "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."
    Don Vito Corleone: The Godfather, Part 1.

    "Then wait for them and swear to God in heaven that if they spew that bull to you or your family again you will cave there heads in with a sledgehammer"
    Strike for the South

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    Default Re: Race issues in Galway

    Oh dear , how the significant issues slip down the forum
    It was working out well , I made both the works do and the Birthday do , the site agents , enginerers(so called) and surveyors all ended upgetting arrested after a big fight down at the Quays .
    But meanwhile Tribesman has been having fun , a fellow turned up tonight after winning 14,000 and said "open the taps for all . I am feeling good"
    He "am" but I "was" until.........

    unfortunaely Mrs tribesman turned up at two O'clock with her friend who has been stuck in dublin the past two weeks until the prosecution made a f*** of it and sent it for a retrial (her friend the BannGarda , notMrs. Tribes). At which time it was decided to drive her home , a wonderful tinkers horse came straight through the window of the car , so now the wife is scared shitless of driving , her car is wrecked , and I am covered in horses blood from holding the poor creature in the middle of a dual carridgeway until a vet came to shoot it , but by the time the lazy vet finally turned up all the tinkers were already there and insisting that the animal wasn't that badly screwed to need shooting .

    Does that make any sense as I have written it ?

    The cars is f8888d ,I am f8888d ,the horse is f8888d , my wifes friend has seen the second rape trial be f8888d in the courts in the past week....But someone won a big pile of cash , so if I left thiskeyboad I could still go for free beer .

    Bugger it . It all started out sowell

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    Default Re: Race issues in Galway

    Ah well the races are over , what a week , visitors from Britain , the States and all over Ireland coming round and eating me out of house and home .
    Some winners , some losers but lots of Porter
    The kids absolutely cleaned up at the bookies so no more pocket money for them for the next two months
    Now finally to top it all the Tribesmen stuffed Tipp in the hurling so another excuse for a day out in two weeks time And to top it all I went to the bookies next to my local to collect after winnings on the last three races at Galway , 5 minutes before the bookies had to shut because he got absolitely slaughtered by a complete outider in Cork hilarious , one minute a huge crowd is dancingin the street , the next minute they are trying to breakdown the doors of the bookies , perfect timing
    What a week if only the car hadn't been wrecked and the temporary replacement car wasn't such a heap of rubbish (Nissan Micra , it was the only automatic they had) .
    Still , no more work until the 9th so just enough time to unwind a little and get back to normal .


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