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Thread: Nice keyboard

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    Default Nice keyboard

    Take a look at this keyboard...

    Pretty damn cool!
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    Default Re: Nice keyboard

    Looks good.

    I've got this one.

    I really like it. The light up feature is a bit useless but it looks very cool. The command pad keyboard is great for flight sims and FPS.
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    Default Re: Nice keyboard

    Anyone else notice the button for e-donkey? Piracy in your fingertips.

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    Default Re: Nice keyboard

    that optimus kb is pretty sweet! it's about time somebody did something new in the keyboard market.

    on a related note, i need a new keybaord, something good for gaming. $40-$60, US. anyone know a good one? that saitek beirut linked is a little too.. gamer-looking for my tastes, so something a little more sedate is what i'm interested in.
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    Default Re: Nice keyboard

    I'd better start saving!
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    Wink Re: Nice keyboard

    you want a keyboard that shows just how much of a master hacker you are?

    you need this one

    Das Keyboard

    for the geek in you

    P.S.-and the scary thing is.....i could use it no problem...loool
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