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Thread: changing government buildings

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    Angry changing government buildings

    Does anyone know if there is a mod/patch available that allows you to destroy government buildings and palaces like you can do with barracks, temples and other buildings on the strategy map?

    If not is it possible to destroy them in seiges with flaming ammunition?

    Lastly if such mods do exist will they work with the mundus magnus v1.2 mod?

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    Flaming ammo: Yes you can destroy government buildings with flaming ammo (You could in pre-v1.2 anyway, I haven't destroyed any in 1.2 yet).

    However, a destroyed building doesn't disappear, it is simply damaged. So if you burn down the govern.building you not only have to keep a building that gives you cultural penalty (mostly), you also have to p a y to repair it.
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    Default Re: changing government buildings

    Surely if you burn down the enemy building you should then be able to replace it with one of your own culture rather than repair the old one?

    I am having a problem holding on to my cities in Egypt and I think this admin. building thing is the root of the problem.


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