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Thread: New ship of an old fleet

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    Default New ship of an old fleet

    After studying 47 non-Iranian and Iranian historical resources an Achaemenid ship’s original design was re-sketched. The archetype of this ship, which is a kind of “Three Room” model, was used as a battleship during Achaemenid dynasty. Now a small model of that ship has been made in Shiraz, Iran.

    Tehran – July 18, 2005(CHN) -- In the construction of a new model of an Achaemenid battleship, which is made by experts of aero-marine research centre of Malek Ashtar University, all traditional and old techniques were respected.
    Kambiz Alampour, administrator of “Marine and Navigation Museum of Persian Gulf” and the head of the executive team in charge of the project for construction a collection of ancient Iranian ship replicas said, “After studying 47 different resources including Iranian and non-Iranian resources we achieved the original design of the archetype. The genuine model of this ship was a kind of “three room” which was used as a battleship during Achaemenid dynasty. Now a replica in smaller size has been constructed in this centre using the traditional methods.”
    This is the first ship of the collection which is made in the centre. According to Alampour the models of Qajar and Safavid ships are in the list to be made in future.
    Alampour explained about the Achaemenid ship, “The model of this three-oar ship has been made in the size of 120 by 40 by 60 centimeters. According to the research has done so far, this ship had 2 big sails which are imitated exactly on the model ship as well.”
    The method by which the timbers are bent and used for construction completely complies with those common methods and techniques during Achaemenid era.
    Based on available resources it is widely known that Iranians had a long experience in navigation and ship making so that Iranian sailors and navy has always had an active role in bordering seas including Persian Gulf.
    Achaemenids had such a powerful fleet that even nowadays marine archaeologists from Canadian archaeological institute and Greek centre for archaeological services are combing seabed off the Greek coast to find the remains of Persian battleships.
    In his book, the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, has explained about the catastrophic event which caused the Iranian fleet to capsize after colliding mount Atus in 492 BC. According to available documents the commercial marine course from southern part of Iran to the farthest ports of China were highly active during the reign of Darius the great of Achaemenid dynasty and Anoushirvan, Sasanid king of Persia.


    Wow, very interesting. Thanks to the ever-vigilant Iranian Cyrus Shahmiri, the founder and admin of All Empires.

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    Default Re: New ship of an old fleet

    Huh, this is indeed interesting. Good spotting, Wiz.

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    Default Re: New ship of an old fleet

    Ja mata Tosa Inu-sama, Hore Tore, Adrian II, Sigurd, Fragony

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    Default Re: New ship of an old fleet

    Nice, thanks for the link (is there an echo here?)

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    Default Re: New ship of an old fleet

    Wow, thanks for that Wiz....

    3 oars already in that period....
    Ja mata, TosaInu. You will forever be remembered.


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    Default Re: New ship of an old fleet

    Thanks for posting that.

    Very interesting.
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