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Thread: Things you shoukd know.

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    Default Things you shoukd know.

    A game, which you think of something , and you know about it and post it here.

    I'll start off...

    1.Never fart near a lady!

    2.Yellow snow is dangerous.

    3.Woman aren't from earth. Deal with it.

    4.Every action has a politial reaction.

    5.I rule!!

    If I was smart, I would have a witty punchline in this sig that would make everyone ROTFL.

    I'm not smart.

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    Default Re: Things you shoukd know.

    Things you shoukd know.
    How to spell SHOULD
    Fighting for Truth , Justice and the American way

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    Default Re: Things you shoukd know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gawain of Orkeny
    How to spell SHOULD
    Don't be cocky/nitpick.

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    Default Re: Things you shoukd know.

    This exact thread is going on next door in the Backroom. Y'all may feel free to expand on it there.

    Unto each good man a good dog


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