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Thread: Skirmishing units/ A.I. cheat

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    Default Skirmishing units/ A.I. cheat

    This is really irritating especially after you saved the skirmishing unit. What happens is when the A.I. gets a skirmishing unit close to the redline, skirmishing no longer works. What happens no matter how many times you pull the unit out of the trap it walks right back into it.

    So when the A.I. has a unit close to pinning a skirmisher near the redline, you can manually unpin it and put the chasing unit between you and the redline. This is in account that there are no other enemy units around to effect skirmishing. Now that the unit is free and clear as soon as you turn skirmish back on it runs a very nice half circle around the unit so it is again between that unit and the redline. You can do it a dozen times but the skirmishing unit will continually put itself in harms way.

    This also occurs in multiplayer but for some ODD reason the A.I. is immune to being pinned in such a way. Whats worse is you can take the unit clear all the way to middle but no matter what the skirmishing unit will attempt to skirmish to the same redline is was pinned to even if they logically should skirmish in another direction.

    So once a skimishing unit gets skirmished close to a redline it no longer skirmishes in a proper manner no matter where else it goes on the battlefield.

    Go ahead and try it for yourself if you want take 1 javelin cavalry/HA and give the A.I. 1 foot unit and watch how wierd your skirmishing unit acts once it has been chased close to a redline and try to manually save it and watch the horror once you turn skirmishing back on.

    I'm not too concerned when it comes to foot skirmishers as its very odd to have a battle where they get chased all the way to the redline. But IMO this ruins gameplay when using cavalry skirmishers, especially when the A.I. infantry can make a mess of the skirmishing mode with this cheat.
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    Default Re: Skirmishing units/ A.I. cheat

    yeah *swears blasphemously* I've played Scythia and Armenia and I am irritated to NO END by this! The algorithm dictating skirmisher behaviour evidently didn't include a line or two that included the parameter 'stay in the centre of the map'. :-\



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