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Thread: How to edit a unit name/description

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    Question How to edit a unit name/description

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    Title: How to edit a unit name/description
    Posted by: Myrddraal
    Modding area: Units (unit stats)
    Required programmes: Notepad (or other text editor)
    Summary: This tutorial explains how to edit the text that appears on screen whenever the name or description of a unit is shown. It explains how to edit the name, description and short description. The description is the text that shows when you view a unit's details, the short description is shown when you mouse-over a unit in battle or a unit card.

    How To: Edit a unit name/description

    Go to Data\text and open the file export_units.txt

    Here there is a list of the units and their names and descriptions.

    The format is:
    {unit_faction}	Unit Name
    Unit Description
    Short Unit Description
    Do not edit the text in the curly brackets {} There should be a tab between the unit name tag and the name itself, and a line break after the descriptions (i.e. the description is on the line below it)

    Edit as you like, save quit and run the game. Easy
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    Default Re: How to edit a unit name/description

    Isnt that in the other tutorial for creating new units
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