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Thread: How to import a unit model into 3Ds Max 4.0+ or gmax:

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    Default Re: Some 'How To's'

    How to import a unit modle into 3Ds Max 4.0+ or gmax:

    Now i know there's been other virsion about this but my is really fully, deeply, extreamly, detailed guide. since some of the members just don't understand the readme. Well i hope u can learn from this guide alot, if any problem just reply me back with further information you might have.

    ok, first you got to have Vercingetorix's mod downloaded. ( i don't think you need to now how to install vercingetorix's mod, but if you do reply back and i'll tell you how since some people don't understand the readme)

    Now open up 3ds max (or gmax, wich is the one i'm using)

    On the right side of your workspace there are some register cards. One of them has the symbol of a hammer.(upper right corner) Click the button. One of the buttons in the sub menu says "MAXScript" if it doesn't appear click more buttons and then choose it. . Click on "Run Script" and choose the import/export script where you installed it to. This means you should see vercingetorix's programm in the folder c:/gmax(or 3ds Max)/scripts. Open up the folder that says cas_ import_export_69b , and then double click on the file that says Now look under the "Run Script" button it says utilities under this word is a box that says "R:TW Import/Export". Select it. By clicking the down arrow and clicking it again. now scroll down your bar. Now under this r:tw import/export box there are three tabs at the bottom, click the one that says R:TW Import after that at the bottom of this will apear a box that says options, inside this box there's a button that says "Set textures folder path" and click it. Now look for the file where u put ur rtw data. Usually in c:/ like mine. ex= this is where my file is located C:/programfiles/activision/rometotalwar/data/models_unit . highlight it and press ok. now below the option box there's another box that says imports, inside this box there is tab that says " Import CAS..." well guess what, click it. Now go to the folder where ur rtw files are, C:/programfiles/activision/rometotalwar/data/models_unit, and there will be a bunch of file of the units of soldiers in the game. chose the one u want to customize. try choosing one that ends with _400.cas or ends with _high.cas these are better to look and work with. Two basic example you may want to try first are: unit_east_cataphract_400.cas for cavalery
    unit_barb_peasant_high.cas for infantry

    Now this is just to import a modle into your 3ds max or gmax. now to edit just let me know if you need help with that too or exporting back out your image. Hope this helps you. Peace out.

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    Default Re: Some 'How To's'

    Where can we find vercingetorix's tool for free? Call me cheap, but three American Dollarss is pretty steep for me.

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    Default Re: How to import a unit model into 3Ds Max 4.0+ or gmax:

    Go to the 'tools and guides' thread stickied at the top of this section of hte forum. Look for the CAS exporter.

    This tool is a set of scripts for Max/Gmax and have ALWAYS been free. Unlike 3DS Max.... which isn't free.

    IrishArmenian....A lot of your threads seem to hinge around the 'how much' and 'can I do it for free' angle. Let me cover this all in one hit for you:

    Skin painting. You need a program that will handle alpha textures AND has the ability to export files in .dds format. Apparantly, GIMP does all this. Alternatively, look for a program that will allow you to convert files into this format. Irfanview is both good and free and should sort you out. You can't paint in it...but pick a free program and it will convert it to a dds file.

    Modelling. You MUST have 3DS Max to export a file into the game. GMax will import and run the importer script OK, but I do not believe you can export from it. Gmax was free...but has been discontinued. You may well still be able to find it out on download sites somewhere. You can download a demo of Max, but you are restricted in time. If you are a novice with no modelling experience, do not expect to get very far in 30 takes months to get familiar with the interface and controls, and a lot longer to get skilled at modelling. There is no way to 'trick' the time limit...but you can uninstall it when you are not using it to stretch it a bit further. The only other options involve spending money.....or breaking copyright laws... which will NOT be discussed here.

    All the rest of the game can be modded with Notepad. And thats free.

    I think that just about covers the stuff you will need. ALL the tools created by the community are free, and all can be found in the 'tools' section of this very forum.
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