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Thread: protectorate?

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    Default protectorate?

    What exactly happens when a faction becomes your protectorate? I havent really noticed a difference.

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    Default Re: protectorate?

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    Default Re: protectorate?

    They become your military allies. Other than that, the only thing they are really good for is that their land counts towards the amount of provinces you need to win the game.
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    Default Re: protectorate?

    I have noticed that they also pay you a certain amount in tribute.
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    Default Re: protectorate?

    Yes, all of their profits go into your bank account. Quite helpful in the beggining of the game i might add. Also, when you are short on cash, they help but other than that, i prefer to take them over.
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    Of course, conquering is more fun, but it also means more cities to manage and to garrison. Usually, I conquer myself a nice imperium and then take on protectorates for the missing provinces. With them, you can have the cake and eat it, too.


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