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Thread: Another reload bug/feature

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    Default Another reload bug/feature

    When two of your allies go to war with each other you get a message demanding you to relinquish one of the alliances, right ?
    Well if you save/reload before making your decision, you may end your turn and keep both as allies.
    I dicovered that by accident and reproduced it intently before posting.
    Admittedly it is not a big deal, but it made me strangely excited at the notion of having discovered another reload issue after so much time playing.
    I demand a patch .

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    Default Re: Another reload bug/feature

    Interesting. It would seem that the game reloads at the point where it expects you were about to hit end turn. If CA always tests the campaign with autorun, they won't see the issues caused by load/save. In view of that, I would say the prudent thing for CA to do is save as much of the gamestate as possible in the savegame file, so the AI can reasonably pickup from where it left off.

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    Default Re: Another reload bug/feature

    Yes I have had this 'problem' once or twice. I think that it should be a option to not get involved in the war at all. That would be better than losing a valuable ally.
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