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Thread: How to give macedonians spartan hoplites

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    Question How to give macedonians spartan hoplites

    As the questions says how do i give the macedons the ability to build spartans when they take sparta?

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    Default Re: How to give macedonians spartan hoplites

    First, install Vercingetorix' PAK program (

    After you follow the directions in the program, it unpacks the files and create a few new folders. The program will unpack the files and create the new folders within the /Data/packs folder, but you are going to leave most of the newly unpacked files and only copy the one or two that you need.

    After you've unpacked the files, you'll need to create a couple more folders.

    These new folders are needed because of the way the game organizes the factions image files. Create a new folder in the "Rome - Totalwar/Data/" folder, called "UI". Then, within the "UI" folder, create a folder called "UNIT_INFO". Now under the "UNIT_INFO" folder, create another folder called
    "Macedon". Next, you will have to make another folder in the "UI" folder, called "UNITS". Finally, make a new folder in the "UNITS" folder called "Macedon". To new folders you've just created, should look something like this - "Rome - Totalwar/Data/UI/UNIT_INFO/Macedon" and "Rome - Totalwar/Data/UI/UNITS/Macedon".

    The next step is to copy some of the unpacked images into these folders.

    Now, look in the unpacked folder named "DATA/UI/UNIT_INFO/Greek_cities/"
    (remember, this is not in the normal "data" folder, but the newly unpacked one), technically the location is this - "Data/packs/DATA/UI/UNIT_INFO/Greek_cities/".

    Find the file called "GREEK_HOPLITE_SPARTAN_INFO.tga" and copy it to the folder you just created called "/Data/UI/UNIT_INFO/Macedon/". Now go into the unpacked folder called "/DATA/UI/UNITS/Greek_cities/" (the technical location is "/Data/packs/DATA/UI/UNITS/Greek_cities") and find the file called "GREEK_HOPLITE_SPARTAN_INFO.tga" and copy it to the folder you just created called "Data/UI/UNITS/Macedon/".

    Also, in the export_descr_unit.txt in the data folder, find the entry for the spartan hoplite (search for "spartan", and you should find it easy), and add Macedon after Greek_cities to the left of the text "ownership" at the bottom of the entry. (Like this: "ownership greek_cities, macedon")

    Now, open export_descr_buildings.txt in the data folder, search for "spartan" and add "macedon" next to "greek cities" to the right. It should look like this: "{ greek_cities, macedon, } and hidden_resource sparta"

    Remember that the spartan unit is listed twice (both for army barracks and royal barracks) in this text file, so you must add "macedon" both places.

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    Default Re: How to give macedonians spartan hoplites

    Sorted thanks for the fast response


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