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Thread: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

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    Default What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- A Kenyan says he offered Bill Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows for his daughter's hand in marriage five years ago -- and is still waiting for an answer.

    Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor told the East Africa Standard newspaper last week that he wrote to Clinton asking for Chelsea's hand in 2000 during the then-president's visit to Kenya.

    Chepkurgor, a 36-year-old elected city councilor in Nakuru, recounted writing to the U.S president through the Kenyan government.

    He described his plans for a grand wedding presided over by South African Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He named then-President Daniel arap Moi and the president of his university as references.

    "Had I succeeded in wooing Chelsea, I would have had a grand wedding," he told the Standard in an interview published Friday during Clinton's recent visit to Kenya.

    Chepkurgor said his letter praised Clinton's leadership and commended his wife, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, for standing by her husband "like an African woman" in the face of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

    The electrical engineering graduate said he promised to pay his would-be father-in-law 20 cows and 40 goats in dowry for his only daughter in accordance with African tradition.

    But he said the letter prompted security checks -- on him, his family and his classmates, and he was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Nairobi for a meeting that he missed because of his graduation from university.

    A National Security Intelligence Service officer told the Standard the letter probably never made it out of the office.

    "We gathered that this man was a teetotaler and a staunch Christian who seemed to have been struck by Chelsea, and I thought maybe he just took the joke too far," he said.

    Chepkurgor vowed to remain single until he gets an answer to his proposal to marry Chelsea, 25.


    Well...I personally think that 40 goats and 20 cows is waaaayyy to much for Chelsie...

    /me takes deep breath
    No woman is worth more than three cows, especially if the cows are young, healthy and make lots of milk.
    /me runs away and hides from his gf
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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    Oh, this could be interesting, if short lived.
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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    Well that would make an awkward conversation at the Clinton Table... I feel sort of bad for him in the fact that he doesn't understand how western society works for love. I said she was worth every penny...but I don't think you can make someone love you in the US by giving her father 40 goats and 20 cows...except maybe in Nebraska. I think since the Clintons come from Arkansas he should have offered him a 1960s Dodge Pick-Up Truck and A lot of 30 proof Moonshine.

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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    That could have led to some amusing headlines...
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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    This would be bad trade for Mr.Chepkurgor.I would think better offer would be 10 goats and one cow.
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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    I think Chelsea Clinton should put a bullet in Mr.Chepkurgor's head, cultural diffs be damned.

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    Default Re: What can you get for 40 goats n 20 cows?

    A bit too much...

    I think 2 goats and 1 cow is more than enough for Chelsea Clinton...

    I would give a zillion cows and a trillion goats for Kristanna Loken.... I simply love her....
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