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Thread: Grogs v3.0 Xtreme: Released

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    Default Grogs v3.0 Xtreme: Released

    Grogs v3.0 Xtreme.
    A gameplay mod for RTW v1.2
    by IceTorque.

    1.The most consistently challenging battles, from start to finish.
    2.The least micro management.
    3.A custom strat map.
    4.Decisive naval battles.
    5.A homeland and capitol city zone of recruitment,
    that ensures a more challenging and realistic campaign experience.

    This stops the snowball effect of being able to conquer the world
    with one stack, retraining and recruiting as you go.
    Now you must build up and assemble a proper invasion force
    before you go off on campaign, and keep it resupplied from your homelands.

    The only extras you can recruit are from capitol cities only.
    e.g. When you conquer the gallic capitol Alesia you can recruit
    forrester warbands, Britons capitol = woad warriors etc.
    Note that no crap units are recruitable by any faction.

    and a few more changes to reduce tedium and make RTW a
    much more enjoyable and challenging war game.
    After all this is Total War and not Sim City 4.
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