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Thread: RTR 6.0 released!

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    Default Re: RTR 6.0 released!

    finally, I've really waited a long time for this hope it's good.

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    Default Re: RTR 6.0 released!

    off to mods wiht you...
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    seems like everyone tries to download it, the servers are full it will be my first RTR download.

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    I've been playing it for a while. Totally sweet!

    It's going to take a LOT for BI to be as good as this mod.

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    right now i played the RTR mod. it was the first RTR mod i played. it was even my first mod at all. i am really impressed at what someone can take out from a game to make it something different. i only played a few turns and the new historical battle and i was able to see that battle speed has been reduced a bit and thats pretty cool. the battles last longer now. all the new units are a bit confusing untill now but that will definitely change the next days. i was playing medium/medium at first. according to this i can not say that the mod makes the game more challenging yet. those guys who played the earlier versions said it does. to be able to state that it impresses me not because its something new but because its more challenging i haveto play a little more.

    but one question to the RTR freaks: whats with the matter concerning the difficulty setting "very hard" for battlemap. does it also applie to the RTR mod or can i play "very hard" battles without having any concernes?

    thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: RTR 6.0 released!

    Please keep your discussions about this to one thread, we can't have too many threads all about the same thing.

    Use this thread from now on please:
    RTR 6.0 out today! - all RTR 6 discussion here please

    This thread will be closed.


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