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Thread: Van Damme got K.O.'d in Romania

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    Thumbs up Van Damme got K.O.'d in Romania

    I was just reading the newspaper when I found this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Newspaper

    Van Damme got beaten by 2 Romanians.

    Jean Claude Van Damme, in a trip to Romania, got drunk one night, while in a famous club, in Bucharest. He was with a friend, when 2 teens started laughing because he was totally drunk. He told them to stop, but they laughed even harder. Then they finally exited the club, to leave Van Damme alone. Hurt, Van Damme went after them, and he started to show his "moves". But the teens laughed and after they stopped, they've beaten Van Damme until he collapsed. It took about 15 seconds to get up, but the teens left, and he got back to his place, beaten badly.

    Van Damme, the greatest kicker, got kicked.
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    Default Re: Van Damme got K.O.'d in Romania

    ahahhahahahahahhahhahaha. he's over his era now. teens will laugh about this for centuries, and he'll think twice to show his "moves"

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