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Thread: Question for CA

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    Exclamation Question for CA

    Dear CA,

    I want to ask you how different are the Barbarian Invasion files from the Rome Total War files.

    I'm asking this because RTW Modding really caught my attention, and I started learning. After I play BI, I want to do a mod for it so that's why I ask.

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    Default Re: Question for CA

    Quote Originally Posted by JeromeGrasdyke

    * easily moddable factions via a descr file
    * shadow factions, emergent factions, and horde factions are all properties which can be attached to factions in the faction setup
    * a new, moddable religious system
    * rebalanced charge and spear effects
    * improved after-save AI behaviour
    * more bug fixes than I care to think about
    * much improved battle AI
    * removed the limits on uses of console commands
    * extended mod system (in fact, BI is a giant mod on Rome, although there will be new exe's as well of course...)

    That might help!
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