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Thread: Help me find this game!

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    Default Help me find this game!

    I'm just wondering if anyone's run over a game like this:

    The premise of the game is that you're a astronaut off to discover all these worlds or something.

    You play a fat astronaut with a gotee. Your job is to design and program scout vehicles to survey planets using something like Qbasic. You go through space and find this race of bugs and your job then becomes to exterminate them. You start with a basic tread chasis but get flying and walking chasis as the game goes on. You had two types of batteries, regular rechargable ones and nuclear uranium batteries to run your little army.

    It was a fun game. Very challenging to make an effective army, I'm lookign for a copy of it, I believe it was made by a small South American company. Can anyone name it?
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    Default Re: Help me find this game!

    I'll move this to the Arena.
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