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Thread: AI building preferences

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    Default AI building preferences

    I don't know if this has been posted before, if it has my apologies.

    The way it currently is is rather limited. I'm talking about "bureaucrat, stalin" and such AI building preferences.
    I personally would like it if you could customize your own AI building preferences for every faction.
    For example;

    Missile Cavalry has a priority of 2.0.
    Heavy Cavalry has a priority of 0.8.
    Spearmen have a priority of 3.0.

    Religious buildings have a priority of 1.5.
    Law buildings have a priority of 0.6.
    Trade buildings have a priority of 1.

    Now you can only choose predefined sets.
    Being able to give priorities to each type of unit and "building" would make game balancing a lot better (from a modding point of view that is).

    Also being able to state which faction has what kind of behaviour. Whether a faction is for example "Expansionist, Defensive, Isolationist, Mongol/Hun Raider (whatever )". Just to point out their level of aggression. Perhaps even just use values to show how a aggressive a faction is (I prefer this one). And have the Mongol/Hun Raider thingymajingy as a special option.

    Perhaps an idea for a future TW game?
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    Default Re: AI building preferences

    You just gave me an idea.

    And BTW, I think it's possible. Maybe CA will think about it.
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    Default Re: AI building preferences

    Has there been any research on how the AI prioritizes construction *within* the actual AI settings?

    For example, if military buildings are a priority then which ones does it tend to build first? Can we identify patterns? Is it based on construction time and costs to any extent? Does the unit priority part of the AI setting prioritize (say) the building of stables when "henry" (or whatever it is) is set, or does that just kick in once the building is created?

    I appreciate some discussion on settings has been posted, but what of the priority of individual buildings within that setting?

    I need to know what "attracts" the AI to prioritizing a building.
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