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Thread: Questions (including .bpi files) about modding---DEADLY need help!!!

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    Question Questions (including .bpi files) about modding---DEADLY need help!!!

    We've encounterd several problems during making ZHAN GUO mod and DEADLY need some help! Listed below:
    1. It's about the .bpi files.We're wondering how on earth these files work,especially those for the wooden gates of towns or cities. Put concretely, We've got know that the .bpi files are generated by the game through .cas files, but it seems more difficult than we expect to figure out how the bpi for the gate works.Anybody can give a detailed instruction? Thank a lot!

    2. As we know, it would only display 4 sons of a father in the family tree even if the number of sons is more than 4. Is there any way to have more than 4 displayed? And can we break the age limit between fathers and sons and set it less than 12? Is it possible to put a dead family member to the top of the family tree?
    Hmmm,a bunch of questions.

    3.Since the command "spawn_character" half works, we need a efficient method which can generate a character for a faction at a planned time in scripts.

    4.Really need to stop any random adoption and generation of generals from soldiers.Any suggestions?

    Ah,tons of problems!Will Epistolary Richard or Myrddraal or Vercingetorix or even JeromeGrasdyke come and see and help?

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    Default Re: Questions (including .bpi files) about modding---DEADLY need help!!!

    1. No idea.

    2. No idea, but you can place a dead family member there, at least by killing him instantly with the console command kill_character.

    3. Diplomats, spies and assassins can be created without difficulties, but spawning generals and captains doesn't work. A captain can be spawned, but he won't function properly (he won't be recognised as an army stack, but as a single character), and general spawning seems (I guess it does) to conflict with family trees. spawn_army could be used to spawn working generals, but the same problem applies here also, and it doesn't work with captains, so it seems.

    4. As adoptions etc. are based on the number of current family members, you could give your generals fertility-enhancing traits to keep family member count high enough to prevent adoptions.


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