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Thread: Horse models and skins

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    Default Horse models and skins

    Some suggestions on horses. I'm not sure the horses from vanilla R:TW have been replaced, have they? Anyway, I think these types of horses should be used if anyone think it's worth the trouble to reskin/remodel the horses. It's only a minor detail, but I think it would add some extra quality to this mod.

    - Northern Swedish horse - very heavily built, slightly shorter than the southern horses, but only by around 10 percent or so. Black hair and tail, dark brown skin on the upper part of the body but lighter on the "stomach", with quite long fur so the skin has a completely different texture than southern horses. Used by all vikings but primarily Swedish.
    - Fiord horse - heavily built and of same size as Northern Swedish horse, but with white hair and tail. The mane (is that the correct English word?) is short and stands straight up. In the middle of the mane, there's a long black stripe from the back to the top of the head. The skin is white with some traces of yellow. Not as long fur as northern swedish horse, but longer than arab horses. Used by all vikings but primarily Norwegians.
    - Icelandic horses - like northern Swedish horse but much smaller, and with either black or yellow mane. Fur length like fiord horses. Used by the lighter raiding cavalry of the viking armies.

    - Most Frankish horses should be dark or light brown, and of the same size as the arab horses. More heavily built and rounder shapes, but not as heavily built as the horses mentioned above. White horses, should be rare, and probably have stains of grey or more pink-looking markings around the mouth etc. Black horses also probably existed but were very rare afaik. Especially France would use the white horses (Camargue horses), but the other franks might not use white horses much.

    - Afaik, the Asturian horses were medium brown and much like the Frankish horses in shape.

    - Arab horses - skin black but with a blue shine, black mane, very big but not as heavily built as the other horses. Strongly marked muscles and shapings in the face etc. Used by Abbassids and Al Andalus. Al Andalus should perhaps also use Asturian-looking horses.

    - Steppe horses - some steppe peoples used ponies - meaning they're quite small - but very strong and fierce, and comparable to larger horses in speed and so on - in fact sometimes even faster. Taller horses were also used. Probably medium to dark brown.

    All this data isn't verified, but it's at least better than having the same vanilla R:TW horses for all mounted units.

    I have yet to find out which type of horses the Byzantines used. Doesn't matter for the klibanophoroi as they're all covered in armor , but for the slightly lighter units it does...
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    Default Re: Horse models and skins

    I have thought of the same thing, and we had a little discussion on horses in an other thread. In short, Norse pople used the Islandic horse for seatravel (short legs/strong.) And the first you mentioned (Doela-horse) as riding-horses (bigger/stronger = bether)

    So, i will make a horse like the first one you mentioned for the Viking raiders, and then see if i'll make the later ones. Making them look stronger is ok, but skinning them is a p.i.t.a. So i will not prioritize the Islandic horse yet.
    The Norse doesn't focus too mutch on cavalery anyway, so i guess one unique horse should be enough.


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