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    Default F.e.a.r

    The FEAR demo is out (check out fileplanet)...

    Standard FPS fair but the atmosphere... Well lets just say they are not screwing around with that title, play in the dark with headphones and quality sound and you will *&%^ yourself...

    The engine loks fantastic will and the detail on, and with everything on medium (playable on my machine) it still looks fantastic. The whole thing (including the graphical style of the engine) reminds me of DOOM3...

    Except for the fact that this messes with your mind rather than just having monsters jump out of the dark...

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    Default Re: F.e.a.r

    Tosa made a thread on this already....

    I thought the demo good, when it wasn't lagging horribly. Very creepy at times, and the bullet time mode is impressive, if not particularly useful. The installation process askes you when you were born, and if your not 17 it won't install. Although you can start over and put in a fake date if you didn't already.
    Me in the other thread

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    Closing this thread, and giving the other a more obvious name ...
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