Rumbling, three HAWPs, or "Harpies" landed on the black tarmac of the Acropolia Airport. The largest on Acropolia, the airport was now only a couple of terminals and a tower, blown apart by the orbiting Onager class battle-cruisers.
For the past year, a mysterious "Nova Vergentorix" had caused trouble, nothing serious, or deadly, just protests against the Roman Republic, and their expansion among the planets.
Until a week ago, the local policemen had been slaughtered, the fort defenders excecuted outside the city hall, and any republicans were hung, drawn, and quartered, and Acropolia had succeded from the Republic.
Claiming responsibility, Nova Vergentorix had urged his supporters to revolt against the Republic, and make their own government. Outraged, the Senate had ordered the Republican armies into action, and the legions had responded. Three revolts on Germanum Primus, Traves Secondus, and Perpolia.

Rough aircraft, the rear ends dropped open, and two squads of legionarries scurry out, taking up positions at the dropped door. The third aircraft had the extra Captain and lieutenant of the dimidium-century, or demicen, who also exited. Dressed in the gray-black winter uniforms, they scanned the area around them slowly. Wearing a simple helm, with a faceplate and hanging on their throats, the air masks for use in toxic enviroments.
Roaring over, two Falcata fighters bank and circle above, looking simple in design, blunt arrow head shaped, with two fins for the engines.
"Captain, all clear, but I got four light recon vehicles approaching fast, along with infantry" one of the communication men spoke up, his faceplate doubling for a satellite feed.
"How far away?" one sargeant spoke up, grim as always.
"About ten klicks, and to the northwest" he replied.
Marcus Maa Ress had never enjoyed hearing the reports about the enemy. A good soldier, he just hated hearing what he would see in a few mintues. He knew what he could see, and didn't always trust a satellite above him. He did trust his sight, and his gun.
"Alright, Harpies, pull away, and bring another demicen, and see about a auroch?" the captain buzzed in, followed by the rumble of the Harpies engines. Swirling around them, dust and soot soon hung in the air as the transports took off.
"Alpha-one to Captain Jeremy, want us to hit the recon vehicles?" one of the fighter pilots had been listening in on the comm link.
"No, you'll endanger yourselves, the must have decent anti-aircraft after the capture of the fort, accompany the Harpies" the captain spoke out, while the sargeants moved to the cover of a nearby crater with their squads.
Rumbling, another three Harpies appeared from the sky, burning like comets. Turning towards the landing spot, they hovered as the rear doors opened. Another demicen of legionarries jumped out and moved to the crater. Rising, the Harpies flew away, accompanied by the Falcata fighters.
Lying against the crater rim, Marcus scanned the northwest, watching for the recon vehicles. Nearby, he buddy Tibult Von Weiss. A tall german, he was a foot taller than Marcus, and muscular. Marcus, being six foot was average, as most troopers had been bred shorter for more cramped living quarters.
"Expecting much Weiss" Marcus looked over briefly.
"By Woden, yes I do, long time since we got to be outgunned!" he replied, staring down the sights of the gun.
A faint purr sounded far away, but grew louder quickly. Another trio of Harpies flew in, hovering behind the crater, dropping off another demicen. Rising slightly, they opened up with their cannons, and the eight rockets attached to the two wings. Roaring over, the far end of the tarmac erupted in flame and fire as the rockets hit, smoke appearing, faint green at first, then growing darker until a dark evergreen color.
Turning the Harpies took off to gain another demicen. Now a full century of legionarries, and a demicen of another century were crowded into a crater. Suddenly shaking a massive explosion ripped apart the area where the green smoke was, followed a couple of seconds later by a resounding boom. Another five shots landed among the smoke, each bringing a supersonic boom afterwards.

Cutting through the gas and rubble, five recon vehicles, a squat APC, and a couple of infantry on HovChariots. Despite the intense bombardment, the four vehicles and infantry were a mirage, scramble up to the satellite. The real force was ahead. Firing, the recon vehicles swept the rim of the crater, causing a couple of decapitations, namely a comm trooper, and Captain Jeremy.
Opening up, a couple of heavy support rifles sounded off in three round bursts. Blinking lights danced on the APC and the recon vehicles. The snipers of the squads opened up, cracks and a trail of smoke from the bullets the only sign they were there. Falling off the Chariots, eighteen men, bullets through the head. Pulling the trigger at the recon vehicles, sparks lighted up as the bullets ricoched away.
Ineffective, the recon vehicles moved in front of the HovChariots, all the while laying down fire. Moving quickly, the APC, and one recon vehicle moved around the crater to their rear. The APC dropped the ramp, and rushing out, androids.

Androids were ineffective in combat, despite the leaps in AI control, they lacked instinct, and were inherently obedient. Making good butlers, but not soldiers. They would rush into a maelstrom of fire, if the captain ordered it to do so. However, that was when the captain could trade bullets for androids, hoping to run the enemy out of bullets.

Here, they were five foot creatures, with a massive shield ahead of them. Two arms protuded with a rifle barrel for the weapon. Four legs stood out to the sides, a central tower, along with eight long ammunition stocks for the guns. Moving together, four androids formed a wall of shields, only a narrow space for the rifle. Advancing slowly, they began firing.
Aiming at them, the heavy gunners began full automatic fire, bullets flying at the wall and the gaps in between. Snipers aimed at the bores of the guns, hoping to rupture them. Turning, Marcus could see that they moved like the phalanx of old, a tank.

Two legionarries pulled pins out, and tossed them over, falling onto the androids. Bursting apart, the two grenades set off a chain reaction, the ammuniton stocks blowing apart, bullets flying everwhere. Turning back to the main force, they had inched closer. Pulling out a grenade, Marcus tossed it forward, then rolled under a recon vehicle, it was spun about by a HovChariot fan. Exploding, it destroyed the first fan on a HovChariot. Nosing down, sparks flew as the bow scraped concrete.
Hunkering down, Marcus watched as two Falcata flew overhead, dropping two bombs onto the recon vehicles. Turning upwards, they turned again to go for another run. Opening the rocket pod doors, the rockets flew outwards in a fan pattern. Exploding below, they destroyed the rebel vehicles, and HovChariots. Launching another fan, the last destroyed the remnants of the recon vehicle and APC.