Hi Leigh

I have reworded it as I think we ought to sell it more. Try this


There are many tournaments around for either individuals or clans yet nothing to decide the best team and there are a good proportion of RTW games played in the 2v2 format. So we have decided to start one.

The Romulus and Remus tournament is to decide the best 2v2 team in RTW. It has nothing to do with any other tournament or with any clan, it is just to decide the best team.

we are looking for 32 teams, although this could increase as demand dictates. The teams will then be randomly put into 8 leagues and will play all others within that league. Upon completion the top 2 teams will progress to the knockout phase which will be played until there is an eventual winner.

Rules and other information can be found at http://s13.invisionfree.com/SPID_tou...ex.php?act=idx where you can also register. All are welcome but please hurry as we may have to restrict the number should demand become too high.

Format is leagues followed but knockout stages. Each team within a league plays the others over 2 games, one attacking and one defending on the default match for that phase. Points are scored as follows.

2-0 = 3 points
1-1 = 1 point
0-2 = 0 points.

After completion of the league phase the top 2 teams from each league will progress to the next round.

In Game Rules

2v2 25k per team.
All players must have RTW 1.2 patch and broadband internet connection.
A default map will be chosen for each phase of the competition
Max 6 any unit
Max 8 melee cav, includes chariots and eles
Max 4 missile cav, includes all cav whose primary weapon is a missile.
No Art
Max 2 eles per team
No Egypt.
Each side must have 2 different factions with only 1 Roman faction per team.

The rules and map are non-negotiable after commencement of the tournament. Until that point they are open for debate upon the forum