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    Hello, I'm new to this site and would really like to try the HTW mod.I was wondering if anyone knows about or is familiar with my problem.I've downloaded and installed the game four times but it won't run.When I click on the icon the small black MTW box appears and then after a few seconds it disappears and nothing happens.I have MTWVI 2.01 in a default folder for it. Does anyone have any advice on this?Thanks alot.

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    Maybe try pressing control when you click on the icon. I don't have MTW or HTW, but it's just a segestion...

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    Make sure the shortcut is directing to the right .exe file.
    Go to the shortcut , hit the right mouse and check "properties".
    Check the "target" file.
    When you are not sure, use "find target" and redirect to the correct .exe file.

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    I'm having the exact same problem. The target is correct and everything checks out. The only new thing I did was to install the total patch. I've had HTW for some time now and it always worked before. I think the problem may lay in the new download.


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