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Thread: Even when posting on websites

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    Default Even when posting on websites

    Unfortunately a few who wear the CoH tag have been behaving poorly here at the Org.

    In my humble opinion signing the code and wearing the CoH tag means that we agree to behave honorably not only in the lobby and in battle, but when posting at TW websites.

    To all who strive to live up to the ideals of the CoH, thanks.

    Stay Calm, Be Alert, Think Clearly, Act Decisively


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    Default Re: Even when posting on websites

    Hmm I haven;t noticed any bad behaviour ( at least by code singers ) lately, though if you have then of course your right in what you said in your post.

    Having signed the code, you should act respectable online and offline, that's how we strive to be known , is it not ?

    I'm an athiest. I get offended everytime I see a cold, empty room. - MRD

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    Default Re: Even when posting on websites

    ShambleS is one, (poorly) imitating Beirut by posting pornographic fellatio pictures on the Org map and creating offensive account names attacking Beirut on the Org, as well as harassing Beirut privately and publicly on the Org.
    I'm sure there are others, but this is the prime example of what not to do when you sign the Code of Honor.


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