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Thread: Is this a Bug?

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    Is this a Bug?

    I’m in the final stages of a Shimazu campaign, and Uesugi is the last rival clan alive. I decided to try some subterfuge in one of his production provinces and moved about 15 shinobi into it. I saved the game, and on the next turn the province revolted, and a ronin army appeared in it. However, I could not click on the ronin unit. It was as if it wasn’t there. I saved the game again, but when I returned to the strategic map the ronin unit was gone! This happened for several turns, without the ronin unit ever fully appearing, or the province’s buildings being destroyed.

    Finally, I tried continuing the game without saving, and eventually (after about three turns) the ronin army did stick. The problems with not saving a campaign between turns are numorous, not the least of which are crashes that occur after several battles have been fought, thus forcing me to fight all of them over again from the point where the game was last auto-saved.

    Is this a bug? Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a work-around? BTW, I'm playing v1.12.

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    I think the ronin army only "sticks" if it wins the battle. Are you sure you weren't seeing multiple revolts the time it took 3 seasons to stick. Province buildings are only destroyed if the province changes hands.

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    Ditto on Puzz3D, and I'm also concerned about your crashing. I can play years in a row, and have not had a single crash (famous last words?) What is your system? Has Erado-san heard about this?

    Also, you can Quick-Save, so you don't have to drop out of the game. I think it's Control + S will do a Quick Save.

    As for the ronin, they do not "exist" on the turn they appear, and the defender gets one season to move in troops. The end of that season is when the ronin army forms, and then battles whomever is trying to hold it. You might have been trying to click on them before they had arrived.

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