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    Default Don Drexle

    Not sure if this should be here or not, but it concerns an MP player so it will reach those who knew him here.

    Today Don Smiley, Drexle's cousin, came online and informed the lobby that Drexle passed away after a car crash about 3 months ago. He was in his twenties and was a funny guy, and as good a friend as one can have online. May he rest in peace.
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    Very sad news indeed. I remember him being online very often, even though we had played only a few games together, I noticed that just a few days ago when I found an old CD with TW stuff, among them logfiles.
    Strange that if we were to perish tomorrow, some people we 'd never met will be holding a small part of our digital remains, in the form of logfiles and replays...
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    Rest in peace my friend...
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    Was allways and nice and fair guy,since im know him.Rest in peace Drex.

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    Default Re: Don Drexle

    nice knowing you drex

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    I don't know if some of you remember me..
    most likely not...

    I was an average player, also member of the Don Clan.. Spend lots of hours playing this game along with my clan members. At one point, I could not make the effort anymore to come online... I am quite sure that most of you are familiar with that... And so it was that I left MTW for what it was.. A good memory.......

    Just recently I found my copy of MTW in the attic... Instantly I had to think of my time spend online along with my clan. Lots of great moments in which we spend talking about our private lives and also about gameplay... Taking things into perspective, and just come online to have a great time together..

    Seeing the copy of MTW once again, I decided to try to get back in touch with the clan leader. Drexle to me, was the person who introduced me to MTW MP and its more advanced tactics. As a player he was very good. As a friend, he was a great person to talk to. Humour for both of us was crucial, and always present in lobby, messenger and on forums..

    I started trying to get back in touch with him. Just to bring back old memories, for gaming is something that belongs to the past, at least for me it is. To see how his life was going. I tried on messenger, forums, but Drexle would not reply.

    It was after a simple google search, that led me to this topic... And it really brought my mood down... I am kinda shocked, but understand that this is part of life as well.. Drexle was a great guy, a good friend...... and I would have loved to talk to him again. It's very sad for me to read this message. For we have spend hours together online...

    I don't what to say. For I really did not expect to read such a message.

    I wish I could offer my sympathy to his family

    My regards to, Sparks.....Eismiley, Sparks, Suave, Unforgiven, Devilknight, Goodspeed, Bog and many..more......

    Rest in Peace Drex......

    I salute you................

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    Default Re: Don Drexle

    I never met him, but I played with some Don players in the past, and I never got around to it, but I will now. I send my sympathys also to his family

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    I think i remember playing with/against him a few times, terrible news when any young man dies, my sympathys to his famly and friends.
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    Default Re: Don Drexle

    ah how old is this thread , must be some years as i remember drex passing away, he was a good bloke who taught me some things wen i first started playing mtw/vi

    he is sadly missed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge
    ah how old is this thread , must be some years as i remember drex passing away, he was a good bloke who taught me some things wen i first started playing mtw/vi

    he is sadly missed
    It is over two years old.
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