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Thread: A modder's guide to CTDs

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    Ah, I see. Thank you. You were right--it was the capabilities. I'm working on replicating those elsewhere.
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    I get a CTD with no error halfway the loading war when i try to start a new campaign .. A new mpa.rwm is generated though .. Could this be because of some hidden resources ?

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    A new error to report and ways to solve it.

    I have gotten a CTD with no show_err message at all (the worst kind in my opinion ;) )

    This CTD occured after the end of the Intro Movie

    I finally discovered the problem was an error in the "quotes" (descr_transition_screen.txt)

    Interesting to note if you receive an error such as this, which is why I did :)


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    Depending on which quote is affected 'quote' problems can also affect other loading screens apparently randomly, (because apart from a few cases quotes are assigned randomly) e.g. on loading or exiting games, or battles.... If you have problem with a quote that doesn't get used often its quite easy to mistake it for a problem with script etc... I've spent a long while trying to de-bug a script that appeared to be causing a random crash on battle exit, only to eventually realise it was co-incidence of the quote problem causing CTD at transition to that screen.
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    Found 2 interesting CTD's and a new limit.

    CTD When viewing settlement on the battle map
    Having more than 26 lines of buildings in a 'group' in descr_settlement_plan.

    KTM After adding new campaign map.
    When closing the game you get a script error: 'Could not find stringable of region <Region>
    You generated a new text file called my_campaign_regions_and_settlement_names.txt, but forgot to copy the first line with the '¬' as the first character.
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