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    I've talked to Myrddraal a bit via pm and I wanted to get all your opionons as well. First off GJ everyone on the dev team your guys rock!

    I'm in the process of creating a tWoT text based game. I'm in the process of creating a world map to explore and wanted to take Rome TW mod a WoT map and take screenies to keep it simple. Myrddraal has told me it might be illegal to use screenies of the map for Rome TW. I don't plan on selling this game so I don't know if its the same issue. Anyways I don't know if someone has a better idea but to give you a sample of what i'm talking about go here

    If you wanna check out the main page

    I'm just looking at some mapping solutions atm and the first link i a pretty good sample of what i'm looking @ doing. obivously the map doesn't function atm its mainly a screen shot of how it will look and feel and in no way is it the final project. anywas let me know your comments are appericated.


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    hmm text based eh? i might be interested in playing this...

    as far as copyrights go... i have no clue really
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    I have got the ground types tga done but I can't get things to work from there if someone wouldn't mind helping me out please or pointing me in the right direction. I don't need cites or towns except the mininium to load the map and the same for everything else. Once I have this I can take me screen shots and finish creating the world map for the text based game.

    here is the file if it helps

    also the main page is up @

    there is a link to our chat room if you would like to join here are more then welcome to come.

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    good to see ya Alric =]
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    So Does anyone happen to have some suggestions?

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    It looks cool but if i should be honest... I don´t really get the idea..

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    Actually (Not to put you down or anything bro) there are a couple games out there like this one.

    For the "Only" WoT MMORPG look at:

    and for a completly text base adventure try:

    Both are fun games (WoTMUD owns!)

    If you try it, drop a line to Stonl of the Illian Companions. I'd like to talk to any moddlers out there :D

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    Game of Stones is cool but tbh it sucks I'm looking for more of a RPG based adventure with way more user interaction. Oh well life goes on.

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    The game of stones link doesn't work for me it sends me to a completly different website
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