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Thread: An Introduction to "The Crusades"

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    Default An Introduction to "The Crusades"

    "Can a man love a mod ? Probably not. But we, at The Crusades, believe in unnatural love stories!"
    - Herodotus.. err.. Don_Achilles!

    Well, I spent so many months making skins for RTR that I decided to branch off and do my own mini mod. Really it all started when I saw Kingdom of Heaven for the first time. The battles looked so amazing I just had to recreate them in RTW. I know Chivalry and Byzantium are covering that period, but I am going to be offering something different. The map will focus in on the holy land only. There will only be two factions, the Crusaders and the Saracens, and both will be playable. Since its just me and one other person on this one it will take some time to complete but rest assured that we are working daily to complete the mod.

    There are some gameplay aspects that I am going to reveal in this post that I haven't revealed as of yet and this is sorta my way of thanking the org for the new forum. There are some interesting things that are happening in the crusades that will really set it apart from the rest. A massive map that will change the way you command your armies, scripted re-enforcements to augment your forces and mini-games (yes thats right MINI-GAMES) that will be part of the trading system of the game. Massive strongholds protected by citadels and the holy city of Jerusalem, the crown jewel of the holy land. Let me shed some light on these topics.


    I'd prefer not to go into much detail on this but will give everyone some clues. As the saracens you will have trading caravens that must make it across the vast deserts of syria. Protect them and if they reach your target city in the west you will receive some gold. As the crusaders it is your job to harass and destroy these caravans. Destroy a helpless caravan and receive some extra gold. But beware crusaders, the caravans may have a powerful escort with them... or they may not.

    Castles or Citadels will not be able to be built. They will exist already in certain cities that are being called capitals (more on the nature of cities, principalities and villages at a later date). These will occupy the top tier of the city size and will have a walled stronghold in the center with the castle. Knightly Order strongholds will be the same as one of these "capital cities." Here is a screenshot of the our castles:

    Again, not going to go into tremendous depth but I am going to post one picture. You should all recognize the structure!

    If you have any questions I will be more then happy to answer them in this thread. The expected completetion date is end of march early april. But things can always change. But the mod WILL be out before M2TW that much I know I can say with certainty.
    Creator of The Crusades a complete modification for Barbarian Invasion
    Can a man love a mod? No, probably not. But here, at The Crusades, we believe in unnatural loves stories!

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    Could you tell us a bit more about the Mini-games and the village/principality etc. system?

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    Default Re: An Introduction to "The Crusades"

    Could we see a screenshot or storyboard of how the caravan system will work on the campaign map? And will we see shots anytime soon of what the cities/castles look like on the battlemap?
    "The mere statement of fact, though it may excite our interest, is of no benefit to us, but when the knowledge of the cause is added, then the study of history becomes fruitful." -Polybios

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    too bad u didn't include the baltic crusades

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    Angry Re: An Introduction to "The Crusades"

    Quote Originally Posted by Beavis
    too bad u didn't include the baltic crusades
    I think this mod was made for the Crusades to Jeruselem only. If you want the Baltic Crusades there is a mod for it already. (don't know if it's out or not)

    P.S. What are the Baltic Crusades?

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    woot! a crusades mod! was hoping for a mod based on the crusades for RTW ever since the Crusader States mod for MTW was scraped. =( i was interested in outremer after watching that movie too. btw love that sword used in the mod's logo..

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    the baltic crusades is the term used for the crusades by the danes and teutonic order against the prussians, lithuanians and russians. interestingly chaucer's cantebury tales mentions a knight going off to crusade in 'prusse'.

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    Default Re: An Introduction to "The Crusades"

    Wow, I've never even took note of this thread, citadels and the al-aqsa mosque...great !!!

    And btw. your PM-box is full...

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    Default Re: An Introduction to "The Crusades"

    Quote Originally Posted by Isnogood
    Wow, I've never even took note of this thread, citadels and the al-aqsa mosque...great !!!

    And btw. your PM-box is full...
    Yup the citadels and Qubbatus Sakhra (Dome Of The Rock) is superb!! if only i can meet u personally and shake ur hand..

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