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Thread: Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)

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    Default Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)


    This mod was done to try and make RTW better by improving the gameplay and making it more fun. It does not aim to be
    historically accurate. It just trys to make Rome better, which i think it does and i hope you agree. Hope you have fun
    playing this mod.




    See this thread for screenshots:




    -reskins for nearly every unit for every faction
    -unified rome - now only one roman faction, so no annoying senate!
    -2 new factions - brutii and scipii have been converted into Epirus and Baktria
    -Mundus Magna v3 implemented as Imperial Campaign map
    -unique victory conditions for all factions
    -edited custom battle locations - every single one is different from the RTw one
    -Genetics, Ageing, Family and Health traits and ancilliaries added in
    -SignifierOnes animation pack implemented
    -new unit cards for all reskinned units done by Kaweh K
    -sprites for all units so there will be a significant performance increase over previous versions
    -DarthsFormation Mod 12.0 included, but modified by me to work best with TE factions - seriously improves ai battle behaviour
    -longer lasting battles
    -recruitment and upkeep costs increased so less full stacks and battles more decisive
    -recruitable generals - but they are expensive
    -night battles added in to campaign, and torches added to night battles!
    -new icons for all factions done by Kaweh K
    -new battlemap banners for greece, thrace, romans, thrace, numidia, carthage, macedon, gaul, germania, dacia, britons
    -reskinned agents for all factions with a new faction colour
    -urban cohort, praetorian cavalry, war dogs, flaming pigs and arcani removed
    -romans can only build onagers, after the marian refroms
    -new unit added - imperial heavy cohort for the romans (please dont spam them or it will make the game too easy as the romans)
    and unique units for epirus and baktria:baktrian agema and chaeonian guard for eprius
    -no more machine gun arrow towers in sieges, rate of fire is much much slower
    -each factions campaign ai tweaked slightly to make them stronger
    -realistic horse mod by pinarius included
    -new loading screens done by me
    -rebels are stronger so it is a challenge expanding
    -peasents no longer recruiable in campaign
    -more starting money for all factions - greatly increases the challenge
    -rebels no longer get peasents, now they are a challenge to fight!
    -skymod courtsey of Archer
    -new forts courtesy of lt1956
    -single player historical battles are still playable




    You will need a clean install of RTw patched to 1.5.

    This mod is very simple to install, simply run the .exe and point the installer to your Rome - Total War Data folder eg.

    C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\Data

    Then just play rome and enjoy




    Personal use only - This mod is for personal use only and no elements of it may be incorporated into a public mod without my permission.

    A great big THANK YOU!!!! to all those modders who let me use their material in this mod.

    Me(Lusted/Cemendur) - roman, baktrian, epirus, spanish, egyptian and other skins and models. Conversion of Mundus Magna to the Imperial Camapaign, new custom battle map locations, edited historical battles, conversion of brutii and scipii to epirus and baktria, implementation of night battles for campaign and recruitable generals. Unit stat editor. Camapaign map editing, sprite creator, creator of symbols above garrisoned settlements/forts/ships on campaign map, implemented all skins and other mods and got them working together, unit remover/implementer.
    Kaweh K - new unit cards and faction icons
    Webbird - for use of his greek, carthaginian and barbarian skins
    lt1956 - for the new forts
    DarthVader - for his formations mod
    SignifierOne- for his amazing animations pack
    Pinarius - for his realistic horse mod and elements of his skins
    GODzilla - for use of elements of his skins
    Warspite - for use of his eastern, numidian and merc skins
    Augustus21 - for use of his phalagnites
    Hobbes - for the Mundus Magna 3
    Ngr - for the Mundus Magna 3
    Archer - for use of the Skymod
    Kali - for use of his parthian skins
    Malrubius - for use of the GAFH mod
    The Trivium Organization - for various bits
    Vercingetorix - for the tools to mod RTW
    CA - for creating such a wonderful game, and allowing people to mod it as much as we can.

    A great big thanks to all the 4.0 beta testers as well:

    Thanks to Razor for thinking of the very cool name for the mod.

    If you would like help with installing this mod or would like to comment on it contact me at either forums or forums if you are registered there. My username is lusted at twc,, and cemendur at scc forums.

    If you are not registered at the forums, you can email me at:
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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)

    Added 28/5/06
    Epistolary Richard's modding Rules of Cool
    Cool modders make their mods with the :mod command line switch
    If they don't, then Cool mod-users use the Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    Cool modders use show_err
    Cool modders use the tutorials database Cool modders check out the Welcome to the Modding Forums! thread Cool modders keep backups Cool modders help each other out

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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)

    It doesnt work for me. I installed just like said but when i play RTW it just turns out the same. With the same factions and stuff. Any help?

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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)

    First off download 5.0 the latest version fof my mod. Second, are you sure you are installing it to the correct place, are you installing it to where your RTW is installed?

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    Default Re: Terrae Expugnandae 4.0 (28/5/06)

    Nvm that may have been the problem
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