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Thread: Iberia Total War (29/5/06)

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    Default Iberia Total War (29/5/06)


    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: RTW 1.2

    - You need a fresh (unmodded) installation of RTW 1.2
    - Double click on Iberia-TotalWar.exe and follow the instructions. If you choose another installation folder, be careful that the Rome - Total War folder level is selected.
    - Open JSGME.exe (double click on the icon created in your desktop). Enable ITW (full mod without texts) and ITW_text_English (English texts) mods. Choose ITW_text_Español if you prefer in Spanish.

    - Close JSGME and play RTW. If you want to see the menu background, open the file preferences.txt (in your Rome - Total War folder) and change the line
    - Open JSGME.exe and disable both mods. This operation will leave the untouched RTW installation.
    - Use the uninstall.exe to fully uninstall Iberia-TotalWar.


    - 14 playable factions (Ilergetes, Turdetani, Edetani, Celtiberians, Lusitanians, Celts, Carthaginians, Romans, Senate, Greek colonies, Italian Peoples, Numidians, Padane Gauls and Transalpine Gauls)
    Both gallic factions are nearly the original Gauls and Dacian factions. The rest of factions are new, improved or reskinned.
    In the custom battles menu, all the symbols (20) appear, but the non used slots (brutii, scipii, macedon, egypt, parthia, scythia) are empty.
    - Lots of new units, with SigniferOne's animations for archers, barbarian swordmen, roman legionaries, greek hoplites, javelinmen on elephants. (see the previews thread for some images)
    - Axe throwers, falaricas (flaming javelins), gastraphetes (ancient crossbow, with animation)
    - Seven historical battles in Iberian lands: Hibera, Ilorci, Baikor, Numantia, Vulcanalia, Kesse and Kastilo (together with Cannae)

    Campaign (Hispania provincial campaign):
    - New map of the Western Mediterranean Sea with more than 75 regions

    - New building system
    - Zones of recruitment with 7 "cultures": Iberian, Celt, Gaul, Italian, African, Greek and Roman
    - Auxiliary troops recruitable and lots of mercenary units
    - Movement of characters (admirals, spies, diplomats, assassins, generals) adapted to the new scale of the map

    - Technology spying script: the new "barbarian factions" (all but romans, greeks and carthaginians) can acquire some "advanced" technologies through spying.
    To activate the script, press F1 at the beginning of the campaign (and each time a saved game is reloaded). When the shortcuts pannel is open, press the question mark on the right upper corner.

    Personal use only - The material in this modification cannot be used in any other public modification without the creator's express permission.
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    Default Re: Iberia Total War (29/5/06)

    Added 29/5/06
    Epistolary Richard's modding Rules of Cool
    Cool modders make their mods with the :mod command line switch
    If they don't, then Cool mod-users use the Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    Cool modders use show_err
    Cool modders use the tutorials database Cool modders check out the Welcome to the Modding Forums! thread Cool modders keep backups Cool modders help each other out

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    Default Re: Iberia Total War (29/5/06)

    From there can i download this can you give link pls?

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    Default Re: Iberia Total War (29/5/06)

    use the link at the top of the page;linkid=178
    there's a couple of versions of this mod in that listing for RTW v 1.5
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    Download the:

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    Default Re: Iberia Total War (29/5/06)

    Can i play this in rome total war ? or i need barbarian invasion?etc.


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