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Thread: Invasio Barbarorum: Flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

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    Default Invasio Barbarorum: Flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

    MIRROR 1:

    MIRROR 2:

    IBFD7.03 UPGRADE (77.78MB)
    MIRROR 1:
    MIRROR 2:

    1. make sure you have a fresh, unmodded install of RTW:BI
    2. make sure you upgrade BI to v1.6
    3. installer will search for the proper folder to install to
    the installer will execute a batch file creating an 'ibfd' directory onto which all installations will be applied
    4. Run and install the upgrade (v7.03) to the root directory (you can use JSGME if desired).

    -installer will automatically search for the proper folder so normally you shouldn't have to change anything
    -the v7.0 installer will execute a batch file creating an 'ibfd' directory onto which all installations will be applied
    -no core files will be overwritten, you will come out with a CLEAN, UNMODDED RTW&BI
    -a shortcut will be installed on your desktop, it will have the '-show_err' and a '-mod:ibfd' switch

    =no mods modify '...\Rome - Total War\bi\data' OR '...\Rome - Total War\data'
    =install v7.0 to the root folder, usually 'C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War\', anywhere else would cause a faulty install

    This mod is compatible with other mods using a '-mod:' switch


    the year is 410AD, the Roman Garrison in Britannia was shipped to Gaul by Constantine III, the usurper. Britannia, beset by raiding Picts and Saxons, asks for help from the Roman Emperor in the West, but was told to fend for themselves.
    The Western half of the Empire is beset by it's own troubles, aside from the Amy of Constantine III which had overrun Gaul, the Vandals and Alans have reached Iberia, the Visigoths are at the gates of Rome, the Burgundii at the borders. These Germans have been driven westward by a great host - the Hunnic hordes, sweeping everything in their path, they now stand outside the gates of the Lombardi capital, and will start inroads into the West Empire and the East Empire very soon.
    The East Roman Empire is beset by the Ostrogoths, also driven west by the Huns, and to the east the great Empire of the Sassanids, with their great cataphract cavalry. But the Sassanids are also being torn apart in the East by the Hephthalites, another great nomad horde.
    No one is safe, the world is in turmoil, there is no knowing how it will end... This is INVASIO BARBARORUM! This is Total War! Get it Now!!!

    INVASIO BARBARORUM has the ff features:

    -all factions playable
    -all factions reskinned - including sprites and unit cards
    -an INTENSE campaign
    -a SIMPLE install just click on the installer, it will do the rest
    -options - u don't like the ui-change it

    *download and/or preview the intro movie here

    available factions:
    Empire East
    Empire West
    Imperium Constantini (Empire West Rebels)
    Romano British
    the Berber Amazigh
    Lakhmid Arabs

    more info in this thread:


    A Major SubMod for IBFD
    Install as per IBFD 7

    more info available here:

    previous versions:
    (IBFD 6) (175MB):
    Mirror 1:INVASIO BARBARORUM v6 on Filefront
    Quickfix (v6.05) (2.28MB)
    Mirror 1:QuickFix 6.05 on Filefront
    -revert to CA strat models v3 (only install if u experience CTD when scrolling in the world map)-

    NOTE:Quickfix 6.04 will replace 'descr_character.txt', those who have experienced problems with strat map skins pls re-download and install the optional fix below

    (v5.0+) (75MB):
    Invasio Barbarorum:Flagellum Dei v5.0 on FILEFRONT
    fixes (5MB):
    IBFG5 QuickFix5.0.3 on FILEFRONT
    Conditions of use:
    Personal use only - The material in this modification cannot be used in any other public modification without the creator's express permission.

    since the mod uses a lot of elements from other mods/modders permission must be separately acquired from each one,

    *the credits can also be accessed in-game. go to 'main menu/options/view credits'

    The current version includes work by the following modders:
    -Ramon Gonzales y Garcia (current head/units/map/stats/...)
    -Atilla Reloaded (originator/units/map/faction symbols...)
    -Mylae (buildings/UI/...)
    -Hans Kloss (redone unit cards, testing, fixed custom battles...)
    -juve (ancilliaries, strat, legion names, map suggestions)
    -DukeofSerbia (strat)
    -Ihatemonday (soundmod-requires separate install)
    -the celt (map)
    -Joar (Slavic, Roman, Berber, Armenian, German names -some names not yet implemented)
    -kambiz (unit stats)
    -Gaiten (research esp on Sassanids and Germans)
    -theSilverKnight (converted historical battles to IBFD7)

    -Galloper (sounds, some sprites)
    -K-PAX (settlement, province names)
    -Koles (research on the Hephthalites, Slavs)
    -onire (radar map)
    -Goth (of Goth's Mod)(map)
    -Gershom Patmos & darkrider (unit stats v5)

    *Features work from the ff people/mods*

    Razor 'Fall of Rome:Total War' the Roman units

    Agraes 'Arthurian:Total War' - shield, scabbard, spatha, seax models, several textures,scripting ideas,
    Saxon units,
    through 'Arthurian:Total War' I used work by ff people:
    Zhuge Liang
    I would further wish to extend my thanks to Swabian and Hross of ATW for their help in researching the Germans

    Anyan - Anyan's realistic landscape mod

    Arbaces 'Arb's Custom BI' aka 'Ages of Darkness' aka 'Aevum Atrum' - the Guptas the Legio Lanciarii, and the mean langobards

    Archer 'Archer's SkyMod'

    Warspite & Caius Brittanicus 'Rome:Total Realism' - a lot of the textures are based from theirs

    Darth Vader 'DarthMod' - Darth's Formations and much, much more

    Dick & Alxcruel 'PAX BARBARIKA' - Huns skins (through Goth) and Slav skins

    Goth 'Goth's All Factions Mod' and 'Imperium Julianorum' - several shield patterns, part of the map
    through 'Goth's All Factions' I used work by:

    Khelvan & Alin 'Europa Barbarorum' - animations and cataphracts

    Lusted 'Lusted's Late Romans v2.0' - Draco, roman general model, parts of other models

    Myrddraal - multiple turns per year script

    Pinarius - Pinarius' Horses

    PROMETHEUS ts - Prometheus' Grass

    SigniferOne 'SigniferOne's Animations Pack'

    *Also thanks to the ff people:*

    Epistolary Richard - aka 'the guild'

    Trajan, Asterix -Total War Center (TWC)
    for the subforum

    King Edward -
    for the forum

    Duke John (of the Lordz)
    - he gave me permission to use his trees but I wasn't able to enable it

    and everyone who took the time to post comments

    *Atilla Reloaded's credits (from IBFD v3.0)*

    PROMETHEUS for parts of his legionarii model I used.
    IR (Imperia Romana) MOD'S RESEARCH TEAM for making unit list and providng myself with good info.
    WARSPITE for his face textures I used.
    LATE ROMANS for creating armour, weapons, clothes and shields desighn of this mod's units.


    I would also like to thank CA for making such a great product,
    to everyone who takes the time to play this mod,
    to my dearest girlfriend, Keiko, for her understanding;
    and to our new born son, Joshua Hideki.

    the Custom/Historical Battles Credits
    Chalons & Badon Hill - Creative Assembly
    Battles of Taginae, Nechtansmere, Argentoratum, Poitiers, Nineveh, Vouille by Romavictor (RTW Heaven)
    Fridigus, Abrittus, Amida, and Nedao by TomTSims (
    Adrianople by MightyMonty (TW Center)
    All battles modded to work with Invasio Barbarorum VII by TheSilverKnight
    if anybody has been left out or misrepresented, please accept my apologies beforehand, and PM me.
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    Ramon Gonzales y Garcia

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    Default Re: Invasio Barbarorum:flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

    Added 01/06/06
    Epistolary Richard's modding Rules of Cool
    Cool modders make their mods with the :mod command line switch
    If they don't, then Cool mod-users use the Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    Cool modders use show_err
    Cool modders use the tutorials database Cool modders check out the Welcome to the Modding Forums! thread Cool modders keep backups Cool modders help each other out

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    Default Re: Invasio Barbarorum: Flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

    I downloaded the mod and got it to work, and it looks great, but I keep running into an issue, actually I've had this issue on two mods, IBFD and Arthurian TW, where when I start a campaign and hit no advice the adviser pops up nearly every time I click on anything -.- she gets really annoying in both games. Since I turned her off I figured she wouldn't be there but she is always there no matter what setting I put her to (in both mods) I can't stand her so I just sort of stopped playing them.

    Anyone know how to delete/ get rid of her?

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    Default Re: Invasio Barbarorum: Flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix it. I have gotten into the habit of turning the advice off at the start of a campaign (and my wife HATES) the advisor. Have you tried the preferences file?

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    Default Re: Invasio Barbarorum: Flagellum Dei (01/06/06)

    8 year old thread, but better late than never!
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    (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.
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