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Thread: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

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    Default Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)


    Mod for Rome Total War 1.5

    Size: 300MB aprox

    Music patch
    Size 90MB aprox

    Many thanks to the Lordz for providing download support.

    Edit: New Mirror Download sites
    General Sun's link:

    Urke's link:

    use 7-zip(free)

    Blue Lotus is a fantasy mod derived from the history and mythology of China, Japan and India. The map is a distorted map of Asia which is being encroached upon from the west by a huge force of demons and mythological creatures. With over 120 new units, factions include Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Demon, Korean, Mongol and the Monks. All the factions are warring for control of the world and to gain the ultimate prize… The Blue Lotus


    1. Install clean version of RTW (NOTE BL overwrites RTW so best to make a seperate copy)
    2. Download and install patch 1.3
    3. Download and install patch 1.5
    4. Download Vercingetorix's PAK extractor tool.
    5. Copy the contents of the unpaker into Data/packs in your clean version of RTW 1.5.
    6. Run the .bat file and let run completely. this may take a while. After its done you'll see a new data folder in the packs directory.
    7. CUT or MOVE (not copy) this new Data folder and paste it over the root Data folder allowing it to overwrite everything. NOTE: There should be no Data folder left in Packs.
    8. Go back to the packs folder and rename all the pak files remaining (except the patch_0 and patch_1) You can just rename them with a couple of xx in the front ie sprites_1.pak rename to xxsprites_1.pak
    9. Download Blue Lotus and copy it's Data folder over the Data folder in the root.
    10. Install music patch (see readme in music download for install instructions)
    11. Run Rome, go to Imperial Campaign. Enjoy. REMEBER TO SAVE BEFORE EACH TURN. Random AI crashes can occur in this version.
    12. Please report bugs at the Blue Lotus subforum.

    Mod Home:

    Copyright: Blue Lotus is not supported by CA and is a non profit making enterprise. This is a Beta version and may be buggy. All images and contents are copyright of their respective creators.
    Feel free to re-use any original BL content in any other non-profit mods as long as the respective artists are credited. If possible contact us for details on authors.

    Factions: Blue Lotus has always been designed to be played as the Japanese, Chinese or Indian factions. And is most complete as these factions. The Demon faction is playable but is very easy on the current settings. The Korean and Mongol factions are 'mini' factions ie they have a smaller selection of unit types and have non-unique UI and names etc. They are playable but not as rounded as other factions.

    Limitations: Blue Lotus was always conceived as a bit of fun. Fun to make and fun to play. There are many areas where due to lack of manpower and time we have taken shortcuts. This gives a working, overall impression whilst still allowing us to release the mod within our lifetimes. Examples; Cities do not have different building models for every building type, units don't have LODs, 2D artwork for message screens are mostly drawn from historical/illustrative sources rather than hand drawn like the building images. There are very few new animations in game. There should, however, be plenty here to give the feel of a complete Mod.
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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Added 27/06/06
    Epistolary Richard's modding Rules of Cool
    Cool modders make their mods with the :mod command line switch
    If they don't, then Cool mod-users use the Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    Cool modders use show_err
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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Thank you BL team for this cool mod.

    However I can't get it to install properly.
    Long time to download and then to see it CTD sucks!

    When the full, non beta version comes out, can you perhaps
    make it easier to install?

    Thank you and continue the beautiful work!


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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Hey, did anyone get this to install properly? I don't wanna spend a couple hours messing with this for nothing. Looks great hoggy, let me know if it installs ASAP! BTW, I haven't looked long, but cannot find 1.3 and 1.5 patches, where are they, the links here are broken.

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    It sounds more difficult then it the install really is. But don't worry We'll try to make the install of next versions easier.

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Grr, i forgot to backup the data file, now BT doesn't work, and i can't uninstall to get a new clean RTW,what i gonna do now ?

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Where is the .bat file?

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Now it goes weird:

    I start that game, it goes well into imp campaing, but then, there is only 3 factions and they are the julii, brutii and scipii with blue lotus banner. And then it crashes.

    EDIT; That faction is the monks. Any suggestion what is wrong?
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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    thats wy i in stall mods on a different computer not the one for mi singelplyer campaign

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    rich guy, i've only one capable of handle RTW
    now i have to format the hard drive and reinstall it all, really sucks (- -)

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    I installed it without any problems, looks great ! Going to enjoy this ...

    Thnx Blue Lotus Team !
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    Ja mata, TosaInu

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Those units are a work of art.
    It's not a map.

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    I've tried to install the mod but I had some troubles with the installation-guide. One link in the guide (4. Download Vercingetorix's PAK extractor tool)doesn't work, so I couldn' install this tool. Where can I find this tool an by the way, is it really necessairy to install it?

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)


    Is this the latest download ( Beta v1.0 ) ?

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    YEs the latest beta is v1.0, if you look at our subforums you'll find an additional patch for sprites. Some fan made patches and a fix for the Yomi bug.

    here's a mirror for the pak extractor:

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    Default Re: Blue Lotus Open Beta v1.0 (27/06/06)

    Will any releases of BL follow?


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