Don't let those 4 billion Katana rattling troops in the next province get you down. Last night I attacked one such province (with the battle timer on)and had roughly 60% of my army engaged on the right, with the other 40% waiting in the woods to the left. This was in Shinano where often the defenders, if flanked on their left will march into the woods on the right to use up the clock. I never got the chance to surprise them from the woods as they routed from my archer storm & downhill HTH charge. I waited for the waves of reinforcments but instead the victory window popped up. 286 heads taken & 28 lost. I don't fancy myself a "great general" and sent this post to encourage those new to the game to go ahead and attack a hoard. If you play your cards right you'll run-em off the map and watch that hoard dwindle to just a few demoralized troops holed up in the castle. Save the game first because, if you do rout the opposing army too soon, you'll have to deal with the waves of reinforcements and thus take greater losses.