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Thread: Citadel: Total War (10/07/06)

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    Default Citadel: Total War (10/07/06)


    Citadel spans the years between 1402 and 1600. The middle ages are coming to an end and the Renaissance goes into full-swing. This period saw a number of great innovations in technology, and tactics, such as the Arquebus, musket, tercio and caracole. Citadel offers players the chance to realistically recreate battles from the time-period with units ranging from mighty Knights clad in gothic armor to Ottoman Janissaries wielding arquebuses.

    For the time being the team is focused on creating a comprehensive Renaissance battle mod for RTW, with no campaign, but we are eagerly awaiting the release of MTW2, when we will begin a comprhensive campaign and battle mod along the same vein.

    Compatibility: Rome Total War v1.5
    Created by: The Citadel team

    Personal use only - The material in this modification cannot be used in any other public modification without the creator's express permission.
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