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Thread: ATV-TW: a trait (and future ancillary) validator for RTW/M2TW

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    Default Re: ATV-TW: a trait (and future ancillary) validator for RTW/M2TW

    Version 2.1.3
    Requires: .Net Framework 3.5 or better

    Changes from version 2.0.7:

    • Fixed bug where in RTW if you weren't using religion not all settlement names would be read correctly
    • Fixed a bug when reading enums where the enums in game text is multiple lines in length
    • Fixed the contents of the form not resizing when the window is resized
    • Fixed bad spacing in various error/warning messages
    • Fixed the move to end of list and move forward 1 buttons
    • Can scroll when moused over the status window
    • Can now double-click on a setting to open it
    • Can now right-click and delete a selected setting
    • Added in the I_FactionLeaderTrait and I_FactionLeaderAttribute conditions for M2TW (I'd swear I'd already added them)
    • Fixed the Orphans check to correctly identify orphans
    • Fixed various condition arguments not being checked
    • Added checking for a few condition arguments that were not being checked
    • Changed trait levels of hidden traits to report missing enum entries as warning instead of errors
    • Fixed bug when checking double values if your cultures separator is not the period (.)
    • Changed double checks to decimal checks (as all value are decimals not doubles)
    • Fixed doubling of display of a condition if its requirement wasn't met
    • Fixed a various conditions/events not having the proper exports
    • Fixed more formatting in error messages.
    • Fixed conditions IsRegionOneOf and IsTargetRegionOneOf to not report errors if there are no region names read
    • Moved a bunch of code from the ATVTW.exe to the TWLibrary.dll for reuse with other projects I'm working on
    • Fixed crash when reading a corrupted setting (the setting now gets deleted)
    • All tabs now resize properly
    • Ancillary tab now loses unneeded entries when reading RTW ancillaries (type and transferable)
    • GeneralWithAncKilled now checks for ancillary type instead of ancillary name
    • Fixed script checking which was not working in any useful fashion
    • Added a few extra condition to the script checker to check
    • Added ability to edit existing settings
    • Internal code change in an attempt to speed up file processing
    • Fixed crash if a bad event is encountered in a trigger
    • Restored ancillary listing to the ancillary trigger tab
    • Added all other faction names from the kingdoms campaigns to the M2TW Combat_V_Faction_X set of attributes (this should reduce attribute errors until a better solution is found)

    Get the current release from:
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    Default Re: ATV-TW: a trait (and future ancillary) validator for RTW/M2TW

    Thanks for the update

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    Default Re: ATV-TW: a trait (and future ancillary) validator for RTW/M2TW

    idk if this is the right place for Questions also looking at the date of the last post but will also look on TWCenter

    I hit a problem i modified manualy a number from neg to possitive but it shows the old number ingame please help me

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