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Thread: Mercenary XPack (07/09/06)

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    Mercenary X pack is a feature packed mercenary add-on for Vanilla Rome Total War players.

    Download: Mercenary XPack V1.20 updated 25 Sep 2006
    Approx. 4.7MB


    # Adds 20 new units to the current mercenary pools.
    # Redefines existing mercenary pools for high regional dependence. Certain units will only be available in very specific regions.
    # Limited selection of mercenary types in fringe areas surrounding the Italian peninsula.
    # Experience level upgrades to units recruited in traditional homelands.
    # Explore and conquer the far reaches of the map for elite and rare mercenary units but you may need to be patient.
    # A few bug fixes in the original files.
    # A few surprises.


    Rome Total War V1.5 or V1.6 Barbarian Invasion
    You must have a clean copy of RTW and patched to V1.5 (V1.6 if you have BI).
    May be used in conjunction with formation mods and/or Player 1 bugfixer. This mod will not work with other major mods.

    This mod is not save game compatable with any previous saves of any version. You must start a new campaign.


    No special installation instructions are required as it is self installing. Download X pack, unzip the package and double click MXP.exe. The package will install into the default directory C:\Program Files\Activision\Rome - Total War folder. If this is not the directory where Rome Total War is installed then use the browse button to point to the root folder where your game is installed.

    If this mod is being used with Player 1's bugfixer then bugfixer must be installed first before Xpack. If this mod is not installed in this order the game will not function correctly.

    No uninstall is provided. Make a back-up copy of your Data folder before installing. If you need to uninstall without a back up copy then you will need to re-install Rome Total war.


    Mercenary XPack Thread


    Britannia players head to Eastern Europe or the Steppes to hire mercenary warband archers.
    Archer Warband

    My mainly peasant army
    Domus Dulcis Domus

    But really they didn't have a chance

    Head to Germania for some great mercs
    Germania Mercs


    This is a mod for vanilla players first and foremost, however I would appreciate a request if these changes (whether in part or in whole) are to be included in other public modifications.

    No other restrictions apply. Vanilla players are free to edit files to suit their style of play.

    The mod was created entirely by Nebuchadnezzar and is bug free.
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