Ogniem i Mieczem (With Fire And Sword) is a major modification to a well known strategy game Rome: Total War. The modification is focused on events which took place in Eastern and Central Europe in XVI-XVII ages.

There are 17 most important states in the mod:
- Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Muscovy, European Ottoman Empire;
- 30-year war member-states, the great European countries, which influenced the military history – Austria and Swedish Kingdom. Their numerous allies and vassals are also included in the mod – Crimean Khanate, Venetian Republic, Moldavian Principality, Imeretian Kingdom, Duchy of Kurland and Zemgaly, Walachian Dukedom, Hohenzollers, Montenegro, Dukedom of Transylvania, Sefethids;
- such unique factions as The Great Don Cossack Army and The Zaporozhian Cossack Army.

The unique tactics and strategy for each faction are based on unique lines of buildings, upgrades and units. The atmosphere in the game is maintained with authentic symbolism of the states of that period. The interface is made according to the spirit of the age. Military quotations of that period are also included. Historical accuracy is the main strong point of the mod. The starting conditions of the campaign correspond to the real political, strategic, economic, demographic and military set-up at the year of 1569 (campaign starting date). Events drastically change during the campaign. To win you always have to be ready to show your supreme mastery of strategy and tactics. Campaign ends at the year of 1700. This date symbolizes the beginning of a new military age.

Short mod info
Number of factions (subject to change) – 20
Number of units (subject to change) – 500
Time period - 1569-1700
Number of provinces (subject to change) – 199

Main features of the mod:
- historically accurate political, economic, demographic and military conditions at the start of the campaign;
- unique architecture for different cultures and factions;
- unique units, including many exotic, eccentric and legendary ones;
- units appearance, weapons and tactics are scrupulously recreated;
- the turn length on land and at sea is changed. This adds some dynamics to the game;
- landscape and climate conditions are accurately modeled;
- the units speed during the battle is changed. The speed of linear, heavy and light infantry is well balanced. The same refers to cavalry;
- firing speed is close to real. This greatly influences game tactics;
- absolutely unique weapons types (for Rome: Total War): different firearms (pistols, harquebuses, different muskets), artillery (field and siege – mortars, howitzer artillery, volley fire systems, multibarrelled guns) which fires with cannonballs, bombs and grape-shots, grenadiers have hand grenades;
- unique field fortifications system – gulyai gorod, military carts (wagons) and spikes;
- realistic fortifications architecture, assaults and sieges;
- new set of vices and virtues and retinue for generals.

So if you think Rome: Total War is finished, you are definitely mistaken! The main battles are ahead! Smash your enemies With Fire And Sword in the Total War!