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Thread: Lost - 2 Ninjas.If found return to......

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    I've had the usual anomalies occur before-vanishing heirs,generals missing,tunnelling armies etc but this is a new one-to me anyway.
    As Imagawa (easy) I tried the usual ploy of honing my two ninjas`skills on unsuspecting emissaries.Straight away one was in Shinano so I moved one on to him and the other onto one in Mino.Next turn the directionally-challenged assassins are in Mino and Omi respectively.One year later after trying to hunt down a shoal of emissaries heading for HojoLand and all points North, they were
    in Kawachi and Kii.In the four years or so before my Daimyo copped it, neither of them managed a single assassination attempt, never mind a successful one.Why?

    "St Juniper once said, 'By his loins shall ye know him and by the length of his rod shall he be measured.' The length of my rod is a mystery to all but the Queen, and a thousand Turkish whores, but the
    fruits of my loins are here for all to see. I have two sons, Henry and.... another one.
    Step forward, Harry, Prince of Wales."

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    probably the emissaries moved every turn, never stopping, thus making your ninja chase them everywhere. Plus the AI agents use ports, but your own agents won't automatically do the same to follow, so within the span of a few moves, your ninja are hopelessly left behind and may never catch up to the enemy targets. That's why it's a good idea to manually move your agents every turn if possible and try to anticipate which province your target is going to enter, so you can end up on the same territory and be able to attempt assassination.


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