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Thread: First three questions from a Newbie

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    First, I'd like to say that this is one kick-butt game, mainly because I got my butt kicked several times by the Howard Johnsons (Hojo hoardes) on my first two attempts at the Shimazu. Switched to Uesugi and after eliminating the Hojo's, it was pretty much like Sherman's march to the sea.

    Anyway my questions are these:

    1. What triggers reenforcements?

    2. How can you tax someone at more than 100%?

    3. What would you consider to be the minimum Koku production of a province before you waste time and money in farm improvement. I mean a province that produces an average of 200 koku would take 14 years just to break even on a 20% improvement.

    Thanks in advance. Oh, and feel free to verbally abuse me if these are dumb questions that have been answered 50 times already, but I did a search and came up blank.

    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be vulgar brawl.

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    Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.

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    1. you are allowed a maximum of 16 units on the battlefield. to bring on reinforcements, make sure you have more than 16 units (two banners, etc.) on the province. Reinforcements are triggered whenever you have less than 16 units on the field, sometimes this is possible when some of your units Rout completely off the map. Other times you can choose to Withdraw from Battle one or more of your units, thus bringing on the next waiting unit(s) once your men leave the map.

    2. tax rates are brought up when you left-click on the koku readout on the campaign map.

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    Welcome Redleg:

    On farming improvements:
    1. Have found its better to think of it as what it allows you to do - have a little more money every year, rather than when it pays off and whether the extra is meaningful per year - I draw the floor around 300 base rate as a floor.

    2. Work it into budget incrementally, 1-2 provinces a year, and for provinces that aren't building anything else, or need to build anything else important.

    3. If your boxed in - especially playing Western Clans and can't realistically take more provinces - its a way (ports, mines too) to be able to build/sustain more troops without taking more provinces - to get out of being boxed in.

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