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    As you know the banner (color) you choose at the army selection screen determins where you start. Now look at the flags from left to right starting with ronin(white) ending with uesugi(dark blue). It is as follows: center is always the farthest left color( ronin) or if ronin is absant which ever is closest to the left, this is for all games 1v1 up to 4v4. In 2v2 by default whoever is not center is on the flank. In 3v3 the farthest right color will always be on the right flank, for example if one picks uesugi in a 3v3 match they will be on the right flank, if uesugi is on the other team it would be hojo (purple) ect..ect.. Now 4v4 is a little hard to remember but here it goes. The farthest right color starts up front on the left flank, center is of course the left most color. Now the right flank is the 2nd most right color and the left flank is the 2nd left most color. Ouch that sounds complicated. Although this information is in respose to magyars question it is for everyone to help them pick troops better ( i always pick an army based on what map i am playing and where i start on that map) gl 2 all !! cya on the battle field

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    thanx, but if u say right do mean reflected on the minimap or when u start the game?
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    I ment as you start the game. I rarely refer to the minmap as it causes confusion. however a simple yet effective system does exist to properly decribe where you are in relation to the mini map. Imagine a telephone. The top left of the phone is the number 1. the top left of the minimap( right flank as you start playing) is position 1..ect..ect in reference to my eariler post for example in 3v3 Uesugi would be position 1 on the minimap as attacker. As defender Uesugi would be position 9 ( also the right flank as you start the game) sry for the confusion it was very hard to decribe.


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