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    I didn't see a thread about this game. There may have been a thread about the media frenzy after it was announced (probably in the Backroom), but not about the game.

    Has anyone bought it? I was thinking it could be something to keep me entertained on the PS2 for a month or two. Most reviews rate it as a good game, but I wanted some of your views.

    EDIT: Apologies the mistake in the title.
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    Well, I bought the game shortly after starting the thread. Really good but I completed it very quickly (the story was completed within a week; random bike races and other half-mission kind of tasks were completed within two). There's not a lot to do after that. Now I'm going out to buy another game that I hope will have a longer lifespan.

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    RPGs are the way to go if you want long games
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    Yeah, but I find them boring.


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