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    Scots Guard - better stats but no stakes

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    Hmm I'm not sure on the stats of SG vs Retinue Archers, haven't been playing M2TW for that long. However, on England's start:

    I've found out that it is indeed more beneficial to just play with some historical accuracy in to account. Don't go slaughtering your Catholic neighbors right off the bat - this isn't RTW. I started by sending my diplomat on turn #1 to the French princess, selling Alliance/Trade/Map info/Marriage for Map info/1900 Florins. That's the best deal she'd accept at this point.

    I married my own princess to the HRE faction heir. I got alliances with the Danes, Spanish, Milanese, Venetians, Polish and Hungarians. The Pope was overjoyed, naturally i got one with him as well. I got tons of money after all these alliances (the more nations you have as allies the more expensive your furhter alliances become).

    At turn #9 i had taken Bordeaux and only given up Dublin and Iverness to the Scotts (let them develop the cities for a while, i have no alliance with them and wea are already at very bad relations due to my stream of spies coming from York). I can't wait for them to declare war, get excommunicated so i can march on to Edinburgh. Anyway, at turn 9 the Pope was singing Beyonce's "Crazy in love" any time he saw my diplomat. It was time - we (I) called for a most holy Crusade on Cordoba.

    Well a bit prematurely as i lost Bordeaux to revolt (it seems it's not Cahtolic enough at the start) when i removed my general, but i'll just retake it later. I was the only one who bothered joining this crusade, and i went straight for the target (in retrospect i think it wiser to take out the other moorish town along the way). Naturally there was no real resistence to be had.

    My general, who i have bread as a good commander and a chiv leader, got both Templar and Hospitalier retinues, and the other usual benefits for winning a Crusade, which i liked a lot. I decided to keep Cordoba, as it's a good launchpad for my invasion of Africa. And i will be invading Africa soon, since every Catholic nation is palying nice now that i'm the big peacekeeper and defender of the faith of the Western world.

    Well except for Scotland, but I have my mind made up for them - I'm not leaving any liabilites at my back before i march towards the Holy Lands.
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    Yeah.. i like to play England the same way.

    I'm in the middle of a 100 years war now :D

    Destroyed the Scots early (sorry William) and started a long campaign in France.

    I own all of Britain and western France including Bordeaux (turned to city), Rennes, Caen, Touluse, Angers.
    The French are down to 3 provinces and i prepare for the final attack.
    Sadly Milan as always starts to be a pain so i will have to raid/sack their towns in the near future.

    Got excom lately so i wait now for the Pope to die, as he is over 60 already.

    I'm really glad as all my Castles in France got the swordsmiths guild so now i'm flooding Europe with swordsmen and longbows.

    I made the isles all city, i don't need castles there. If something goes wrong i have a military heavy city in Notthingham with all militia units + military academy for the Demi Lancers.

    All my "French" castles are now producing Armoured Swordsmen + Yeoman Archers + Feudal Knights.
    After i crush the rest of France i will be able to produce Retinue Longbow + English Knights.

    I've signed an early marriage alliance with the Spanish and the have kept it since then so i have no trouble in the south, that allows me to concentrate on my eastern front.

    I don't make big cash but it allows me to maintain 3 full stacks all the time + some castle garrison.

    Usually if i have to fight several battles in one turn i make a little logistic trick, like in real war.
    I fight with one stack, usually it allows me to win easili in a 1:1 fight, after the battle i come with a 2nd nearby stack and replenish the ranks, this way i train my main army and the 2nd stack allows me to replenish the fallen soldiers quickly often more then 1 time).

    As the tactics goes i'm not a genius, i place archers in the front with stakes in 2 rows, behind them are the swordsmen, the flanks supported by spearmen and billmen and some cavalry for flanking support.

    In the beginning i made a little Zerg spam. I produced masses of Levy Speramen, really even the most finesse 1000 troops can't hold a 2000 meat wave. Got some gold chevrons on those spearmen already :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dzidek View Post

    In the beginning i made a little Zerg spam. I produced masses of Levy Speramen, really even the most finesse 1000 troops can't hold a 2000 meat wave. Got some gold chevrons on those spearmen already :)
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    OK an update on the situation: I now own the whole Iberian Peninsula, the Western coast of France and modern day Netherlands, and all the English territories bar Scotland and Ireland. I'm rich, teched up and the Mongols are raping those infidels to the East, which will mean I get to liberate Jerusalem soon (Hungary still stubbornly holds on to it)

    What happened so far:

    1st Crusade launched at Cordoba. I kept it, as it is one of the best populated cities on the map. It's a moneydrain initially, as unrest is high untill you get it to 90% Catholic. However, Spain and Portugal both send cardinals there to do God's work. KEEP CORDOBA! It's a great foothold on the rich and greatly developed Iberain peninsula.

    Being best butt-buddies with the French has it's merits. For one, they serve as a nice buffer to my Easternmost provinces, protecting me from hungry hungry Milanese bastards.

    Anyway, the Second Crusade I launched at the holiest of cities - Jerusalem. I took three stacks, marched on foot trough Europe and completely raped the Turks and Egyptians. That's right, I gave up the target city to the Hungarians, but I took 3 or 4 Turkish cities, razed them to the ground and pillaged them, and let them revolt. Vice versa with the Northern towns of the Holy Land, and lastly Antioch. I had a nice fleet drop off 6 or so priests in Jerusalem and take my victorious generals immediately after the Crusade ended. The result was several Cardinal promotions, and Hungary keeping Jerusalem for another... 20 or so years.

    Needless to say i grew filthy rich from all that plundering and destruction, and 3 armies on 0 upkeep. I made England in to the most advanced faction in the world, i got lots of guilds, merchants, priests and so on.

    I had fresh princes with even fresher troops from Nottingham and Caen, just itching to prove themselves, while their fathers sailed back from the Holy Land. I WAS planning on slaughtering the Moors and playing nice with my Catholic friends, but the Pope went and Excommunicated Spain. Now, I couldn't let this chance just pass by and immediately i siezed control of most of the Iberian Peninsula. The Castle in the middle (Toledo i think) was so very well developed, it became a major troop production centre, complete with a Swordsmith's guild and a Hospitalier World Headquarters down south in Cordoba. The Iberain Peninsula provided me with both gold and a second launchapd for further invasions.

    The Third Crusade was launched at the Westernmost Moorish territory on Africa, lettin me steamroll their other city on the Iberian peninsula as well. I needed some way of declaring war on these bastards and consolidating my hold on the Peninsula without France crying (as they were allied with the Moors). Well it served it's purpouse, took two Moorish towns, I got chiv and command stars for my other leaders, and nice templar/hospitalier knight anticlaries.

    It was by that time that the blasted suicidal Milanese debarked on my shores and sieged ony of my Eastern spanish towns. Too bad for them! I came back, regrouped, drove them off and suddenly the Pope excommunicated Portugal. FINALLY! The whole Iberian peninsula was now mine!

    The fourth Crusade was declared on Venice. One general with a full stack hailed from my spanish provinces, and another one down from England. The Milanese were kind enough to take two French settlements which i "liberated" and of course kept for myself, while keeping my Alliance/Militarry Access with France. My 30 year old brat surpassed his father and after several fights with Danes and Milanese he now has maximum command stars! I am laying siege to two of the three remaining Milanese settlemends and will soon wipe this God forsaken faction off the map!

    I did get to develop quite nicely with so many of my armies at 0 upkeep, and i got a Woodsmen's Guild WHQ, so now I'll be able to pump out experienced Retinue Archers and Sherwood Archers.

    On Sherwood Archers btw, yest they are half strength stacks, but have you seen their melee stats? These guys are very versatile, and i dully recommend having two stacks in between your more fragile regular archers. Their ranged stack is higher than that of Retinue Archers as well, making them be inferior with about 20% in ranged combat, instead of 50%, and the bonus of a high melee attack and superb stamina make up for even that!
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    The art of war, then, is governed by five constant
    factors, to be taken into account in one's deliberations,
    when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.

    These are: (1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth;
    (4) The Commander; (5) Method and discipline.
    Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"
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    Default Re: England

    This post applies Kobal2fr's guide for Generals/Governors and Davybaby's Guild guide to a long campaign for England (VH/VH). In addition, I have added some of my own tips as well.

    Always occupy the initial conquered cities to increase the General's chivalry and keep the starting population. Set the 7 cities in England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland to low taxes ASAP to increase the Governor's chivalry and to promote population growth. Edinburgh, York and Nottingham need to grow quickly to gain Guilds.

    Edinburgh-Put a Governor here with Chivalry 5+ once you have one, so that you accrue points for a Crusader Knight's Charter house. Join the Crusade to add more points.
    Dublin-Build a brothel for training spies. I put this in faraway Dublin to prevent accidentally sending a General there who might then become a boozer. Use enough spies as scouts to see all of your targeted enemy provinces as possible. Know your Foe.
    Nottingham-Put a Governor here with Chivalry 5+ too, so that you accrue points for a Woodman's Guild. Train archers to aid in this.
    Inverness and Caernevon-Convert to a city to gain a merchant.
    York-Put a Governor here with Piety 5+, so that you accrue points for a Theologian's Guild (TG). Have the starting princess marry an Englishman (not a French Prince) with high piety for this. Build churches, but wait to make a lot of priests until the TG can be made.
    London-Eventually build Academia buildings, a city hall, all merchant buildings, farms at least +2 and a military academy.

    New family members travel to York and then London. Each trains a priest (piety +1) at York and gains another piety +1 from TG. Once in London, the young royals get a chance for Intelligent, Mathematician, Prim, Upright, and Academy Trained with ancillaries of Academic Adviser, Money Counter, Overseer, and Scribe.

    Governor's can also be sent on quick missions to build nearby watchtowers. You want to have none of your realm or coastal seas covered by shadow unless it is the southern deserts of Africa. Specifically, you want early warning of Spanish or Portuguese fleets coming from the SW and Danish fleets from the east.

    My English field army consists of the following:
    A General, 1 gate busting siege device, 6 cavalry, 6 infantry and 6 archer types with a spy and a priest.
    The cavalry start as Royal Knights, but are then replaced by Crusader Knights. England usually gets Templar's. With the Guild HQ, the Knights are level 2.
    The infantry start as Militia Spearmen. I upgrade their armor to silver shields. These get replaced by Dismounted Knights and eventually Swordsmen. The Gallowglaich mercenaries are also useful early.
    The archers start with longbowmen and progress through their upgrades. With the Woodsman's Guild HQ, the archers are level 2.

    I deploy the infantry line in the center behind stakes if in the defense. The archers are split into two groups of three on the flanks, with two in front and one behind. These move forward and engage the enemy and eventually fall back to the outside, not to the rear behind the infantry. That way the archers can fire into the flank of an attacking enemy or switch to swords and attack the rear of anyone engaging the infantry line. The knights are also split into two groups of three and form outside the archers in column. These advance to attack the enemy in the rear, enveloping their force. The General goes where needed.

    I also make a reserve National Guard Army:
    One Governor, 6 Merchant Cavalry, 6 Militia Spearmen with silver shields and 6 Militia Archers level 2 with silver shields. Each group of units garrison a Huge City that can maintain them for free. These can be used in an emergency. I eventually have 1 in England (London/York/Caernevon), 1 in Scandinavia (Arhus/Oslo/Stockholm), 2 in Iberia and 2 in France.

    On the first turn, move the army in Caen to the fortress. Train Royal Knights and sell all the buildings except the port. Move a cog there. Next turn, ferry the army to England and sell the port in Caen. Now have the Diplomat sell Caen to France. This will keep them happy for a long while. Leave one cog as a ferry in London and disband the other. Build a siege works at Nottingham and a ballista first thing. Train more knights. Take Edinburgh in one turn with the stack that has the ballista, wiping out the Scots. Secure the other cities ASAP. I did this by turn 15.

    Send the Diplomat to Rome. When the Crusade is called, have the King join. Ferry the old King's army to Bruges and sack it. Sell all the buildings. Give this city to the Pope for an alliance. Ferry the King back to England and move his stack along the southern coast making watchtowers. He'll eventually die and you are off the hook for the Crusade.

    Now station a Diplomat in Bruges to be envoy to the Pope. Give the Papacy 100 florins per turn and maintain this throughout. Train one more Diplomat to travel to France, Denmark, HRE, Poland, Russia, Hungary and the Byzantines for trade rights. The diplomat in Rome gets trade rights from the Pope and then travels to Sicily, Venice, Milan, Spain, Portugal and the Moors for the same. You can sell the trade rights and your map if possible.

    The Danes will eventually attack Nottingham. They were no match for my field army. Send a field army to take Hamburg, then Arhus, Oslo and Stockholm. To move armies to Scandinavia I used one cog in Nottingham's port loaded with the land troops. The next turn, this can move to the northern coast of Antwerp's port and then unload. The cog was then disbanded and the army proceeded east. This way you don't have to maintain a larger fleet than the Danes.

    To the immediate east of Hamburg is a forest. Build a fort north and south of this forest. Build a fort south of the river by the bridge west of Hamburg. Put one cheap unit in each to restrict movement into your new eastern empire. If an enemy lays siege to the fort, move the field army next to the fort and disband the fort's garrison. The enemy will occupy the fort the next turn. You can then lay siege to them and easily destroy an enemy army for the price of one garrison unit. Also, build a fort next to the amber resource icon in SW Stockholm province to use as a sort of "trading post". You can station up to 20 merchants in the fort/trading post, all working the amber resource. Put one merchant out in the open next to the amber south of Stockholm, so that all the merchants get the Monopoly traits. I was eventually gaining 10k+ each turn from the merchants alone.

    Spain and/or Portugal will attack Caernevon. They were also no match for my field army. To invade the Iberian peninsula, I first sent as many priests as possible to convert the Moslem provinces and to act as scouts. These also quickly become cardinals. I keep these moving into Moslem lands all across North Africa. Ferry them to Caen and then march them the rest of the way. I built one fleet of as many Gun Holks as needed to safely transport the combat forces to the Leon province, one field army at a time. As soon as several armies were moved, the fleet was disbanded. March on the Moors. Use the new area as a base. When the Portuguese or Spanish get excommunicated take them out. The eastern border of Iberia can be secured with four forts closing the passes through the mountains to France.

    This gets me lots of florins for many field armies. I was able to take out half of the French cities in one turn, then wait out the 9 turns the English Pope ordered us to get along. I finished the conquest of France in one more turn. Four more forts secure the mountain passes of southern France by Marseilles and my armies held the north. At the same time I took Marekesh and Crusaded across Northern Africa. I ferried a field army to Corsica and Sardinia. Finally, I built two more large fleets and took Crete, Rhodes and Cyprus while my field armies took Egypt and Mongol Jerusalem. The long campaign ended with 179 battles won and zero lost.
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