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    In the early stages the troop rooster is weak. C'mon warriors in rags :/

    If you manage to liberate Iberia and conquer west africa you are near invincible.

    Late period Moorsih army has it all.

    Very good heavy cavalry. Good light one also, altough no horse archers.
    One of the best heavy infantry in the game if not the best as conquistadores are available only in America.
    Great gunners, with the camel gunners being superb. They are mounted so the can fire from behind your infantry line, normal muskets need a hill to do that.
    One thing you lack are spears. They are only mediocre.

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    I decided to try The Moors after trying them out in a single player battle vs the computer and here's some tips...

    First of all, The Moors have the potential to be insanely rich very early on if they are managed correctly. The first target should be Timbuktu which is basically the richest area on the entire map for merchants. Quickly take this settlement and then purchase around 8 merchants and get them on the gold, ivory and slaves in the area.

    I then waited for my new general to spawn at Cordoba (around turn 4/5) and then proceeded to create an army and declare a Jihad on Lisbon. Quickly take this settlement and kill/capture both Portuguese generals who should be stationed at Lisbon, Portugal now should be destroyed. I then took Valencia and then moved north to take Zaragoza.

    At this stage its a case of simply building up your towns, cities and castles. After around 50 turns I had 80,000 florins and have declared a Jihad on Toledo, and intended to wipe the Spanish off the map.

    Don't forget to also take the settlement of Arguin which is south of Marrakesh on the coast.

    Once your towns and castles are built up your next moves are whatever you want. You could move north into France or get your soldiers on boats and pick anywhere on the map that you fancy.

    In terms of military power, i've read a lot of people's advice on the early roster of The Moors being poor, now im not sure these people are just bad players or lying because i've had no issues with any of the early roster. The late roster is simply incredible, particularily the dismounted and mounted christian guard and the hashashim.

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    The Moor's are a fascinating faction. First of all, if you look at a lot of your infantry, you'll notice they're wearing robes. Hmm. Interesting. While the game factors in your defense as being a little low, (as compared to other "equivalent" troops.) it's not really that substantial. A few points doesn't make too much of a difference. Think of it this way, you have got desert warfare cornered. (if you ever have to do any that is.) But the rest of your army is worth a look too. You get good skirmishing cavalry, and decent cavalry. You've got good archers and crossbows too. Ultimately, the Moor's are a good mix of all troop types.

    You'll find yourself getting evaluated lower than your enemy sometimes. (Even if you have the larger enemy.) This is because of your troops defense. And there's no need to worry, it's not that bad. Individually the troops of Spain and Portugal may be better, but you can make a better army overall. I recommend using your missile and skirmishing troops before finishing in hand-to-hand combat. The Moor's have great troops for this. (So do Portugal and Spain.)

    You have one unique advantage over Portugal and Spain though. You're not Catholic. So nobody is going to tell you not to fight Portugal or Spain. I recommend defeating them quickly. You've also got the potential to be quite wealthy. Iberia is a very prosperous region. Push Portugal and Spain out of Iberia and the world is yours. Use the Jihad to your advantage when you can. (it get's you troops quick and allows your generals to get good traits.) When it's all over and you have Iberia, you can really do anything.

    And your army has the potential to be very good. Berber Spearmen function as good solid defensive infantry, and Dismounted Christian Guard can protect the flanks. (Remember all those Spanish and Portuguese that used to live in Iberia? Yeah that's these guys now.) Your skirmishers are always useful. They're great at taking down expensive heavy infantry. Your archers and crossbowmen are great. (you can also get Nubian Gunners. Decent arbequisers.) Christian Guard are superb cavalry, and Iberian Jinettes are great medium/skirmisher cavalry. (A favorite of mine.) You also can employ great auxiliary forces to supplement your average army. Such as Taureq Cavalry mounted on camels, Hashashim, and the dreaded Camel Gunner!

    The Camel Gunner is by far the most effective unit I know of in MTW 2. You've got great range and hitting power, those guys can really turn the tide of battle.

    The Moor's have a great unit selection though, good starting location, and will make for a very memorable game! Easily, one of my favorite factions to play in the grand campaign. Have fun!
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    I have started a game (just with Kingdoms installed) after a long hiatus and picked the Moors for the 1st time, VH/M. I had hoped to be able to take the Iberian peninsular from the Spanish and Portuguese without a great deal of interference from anyone else. Obviously I woudl have expected a dramtic increase in Catholic annoyance as the game went on, but I was not ready for what happened.

    I called a jihad on Toledo on turn 1 and by turn 10 had finished off the Spanish. As soon as iIwas able, I called another on Lisbon and had finsihed off the Portuguese by turn 20, not great, but not too shabby. However, before my war with the Partuguese started I was attacked by the Sicillians in Africa - I was beseiged in turn 4, they went for me before any of their usual rebel targets. A small Milanese stack was also landed and they attacked as soon as I had dispatched those from Sicily, again before they had tried to take Corsica or Sardinia. The French invaded the peninsular. Shortly after my second Jihad the Pope called a crusade on Antioch, so what did the Scots and English do - that's right land almost full stacks near Leon. Bruge is still rebel - when do the Scots EVER not try to take that?

    I was able to call a 3rd Jihad on Tolouse and used that army to repel the invaders, but it has been so full on that I have not been able to consider taking Valencia or Timbuktu and there are still rebel stacks of former Spanish and Portuguese soldiers dotted about the place. Nobody will accept an alliance (not that much of a suprise) or an offer of peace. I have a fair income, but am spending it all on my military. I know the game is called Total War, but I have never experienced anything like it unless a Jihad or crusade has been called against me.

    I cannot comment on the troop mix - I am relying on my generals (all of whom are many-starred) leading Desert Cavalry, and balistas to cheesily break seiges.

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    Default Re: The Moors VS Portugal

    AS the English I had an first crusade fail #1. So I dropped in on the Portuguese for a quick smash and run at Lisbon. Their garrison rallied forth #2. The first two Cavalry units through the gate were Family bodyguards and my 600 longbowmen harrowed them before they fataly charged the balista in my van. Placed in a ravelin formed with overlapping archers stake hedges, Defended by my Sherwood archers #3. Just before their rest of the Cavalry charged the 2 Spear militia and 2 fanatics guarding my archers in a classic pincer, both Bodyguards broke! A charge by the remaining Sherwood men Taking the king and ballista bolt to their prince's back decapitating their leadership. Once my archers had swept the battlements of their archers. The balista finished demolishing the gate #4. The fanatics took the Barbican #5. So my longbowmen could gain the walls and mop up the survivors.
    Once I had decided to sack the city #6 and returned to the strategic game I was greeted with that most noble of Announcments! Faction Eliminated, Portugal.

    #1 The Sicilians took Jerusalim with an audacious amphibious assault.
    #2 probably to stop my only ballista shooting their gate in.
    #3 It was very early. They were the best Infintry I had.
    #4 And Decimating Sundary other units behind it.
    #5 We won't mention their casualties, simply stunning morale! despite formed units in front and the occasional missaimed 'friendly' balista bolts in the back they didn't rout.
    #6 8000 all told with Loot and Building destruction
    #7 As is traditional in these circumstances I gifted Lisbon to the Pope to raise favor (and avoid Excomunication) Neatly honking off the Moors and Spaniards plans into the bargin

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